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Esraa Ali
Assistant Professor

Esraa Mousa Ali is an assistant professor in Amman Arab University, where she is working in faculty of Aviation Sciences. She was born in Jordan in 1987 and received her B.E. degree in Electrical and computer engineering from Hashemite University in 2010. She received her M.S. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2013. She received PhD degree at school of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University Technology PETRONAS (UTP) in 2019. Her research area is about power electronics and microwave antennas for aviation applications.

RF harvesting 


Rectifier circuits

Wireless transmission transfer

Antenna for aviation applications 

Voltage doubler circuits

Publications for 2022 


Optical Transmission Plasmonic Color Filter with Wider Color Gamut Based on X-Shaped Nanostructure, Photonics, (Q2, IF= 2.67)


Design and Characterization of Compact Broadband Antenna and Its MIMO Configuration for 28 GHz 5G Applications,  Electronics, (Q2, IF 2.7)


Simple Wideband Extended Aperture Antenna-Inspired Circular Patch for V-band Communication Systems, 

International Journal of Electronics and Communications, (Q2, IF 3.2)


A Compact Dual-Fed Self-Diplexing Antenna for Wireless Communication Application, Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing, Book chapter


A Comprehensive Survey on Antennas On-Chip Based on Metamaterial, Metasurface, and Substrate Integrated Waveguide Principles for Millimeter-Waves and Terahertz Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE access, (Q1, IF 3.4)



Publications for 2021 

"UWB CPW Fed 4-Port Connected Ground MIMO Antenna for SubMillimeter-Wave 5G applications " Alexandria Engineering Journal, (accepted - December/2021) (Q1, IF=3.7)


"Simple Wideband Extended Aperture Antenna-Inspired Circular Patch for V-band Communication Systems", AEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications, (  4/Dec/2021) (Q2, IF= 3.1)


"Printed Closely Spaced Antennas Loaded by Linear Stubs in a MIMO Style for Portable Wireless Electronic Devices", Electronics, ( Nov/2021) (Q2, IF 2.7)


"Efficient wireless power transfer via magnetic resonance coupling using automated impedance matching circuit", Electronics, ( Nov/2021) (Q2, IF 2.7)


"Forecasting and Modelling the Uncertainty of Low Voltage Network Demand and the Effect of Renewable Energy Sources", Energies, ( April/2021) (Q2, IF 3.0)


"Power Conversion Using Analytical Model of Cockcroft–Walton Voltage Multiplier Rectenna", Electronics, (April/2021) (Q2, IF 2.7)


"Corrugated SIW Based Bandpass Filter for Microwave Interferometer and ISM Band Application", (Jan/2021) (Q3, IF= 1.48)


Publications for 2020 


Analysis and Maximizing RF Harvesting System based on Antenna Shapes for Aviation Applications, 2020 International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Control Technologies (CEECT).


Effect of electromagnetic energy on net spin orientation of nanocatalyst for enhanced green urea synthesis, ( 2020) (Q1, IF= 5.039)




Power electronics 

Microwave antenna

Fiber optics 

Communication systems 

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