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Ashraf Mousa Saleh
Assistant Professor


  • PhD of Software Engineering / Software Usability Testing 
  • Assistant Professor - Software Engineering Department 
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences and Informatics 
  • Software Testing 

  • Software Usability Evaluation 

  • Human Computer Interaction

  • User Experience 

  • Automated User Experience 

  • Automated Usability Evaluation 

  • Automated User Experience Tool Development for Mobile Application. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 2020.Scopus indexed.
  • The impact of healthcare professionals trust, perception of security, privacy concern and individual on the acceptance and usage of EMR based on multi-perspective, Science Direct, 2020. Accepted for publication.
  • Factors affecting Jordanian electronic banking services, Management Science Letters, 2019 (Accepted)
  • Automated Usability Evaluation for Mobile Application: Strengths and Limitations. (2019 ,(SCOPUS indexed))
  • Security and Privacy Factors in Health Information Systems: Systematic Literature Review. (2020, Submitted to Journal of Medical Systems (ISI  indexed))
  • Ashraf Saleh, Roesnita Ismail and Norasikin Fabil. 2017. Evaluating Usability for Mobile Application: A MAUEM Approach. Software and E-business, ACM Digital Library.
  • Ashraf Saleh, Roesnita Ismail, Fabil NorasikinNorwawi Norita MdFauziah Abdul. 2017.  Measuring Usability: Importance Attributes for Mobile Applications. ADVANCED SCIENCE LETTERS. ISSN: 1936-6612. American Scientific Publishers.
  • Ashraf Saleh, Roesnita Ismail and Norasikin Fabil. 2015.  "Extension of PACMAD model for usability evaluation metrics using Goal Question Metrics (GQM) Approach". Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology. 79.1: 90. 2015, JATIT Journal.
  • Ashraf Saleh, Roesnita Ismail and Norasikin Fabil. 2014. Mobile Application Usability Evaluation Metrics: The Impact of Unsupervised Usability Evaluation. 2014, Malaysia. USIM-PCFST14, E-Proceeding of PCFST14.
  • Ashraf Saleh, Roesnita Ismail and Norasikin Fabil. 2015. The impact of Dynamic prototype on usability testing and user satisfaction: fidelity and In-situ prototyping. 2015, Malaysia. Global Summit on Education GSE.
  • Ashraf Saleh, Roesnita Ismail and Norasikin Fabil. 2015. Usability evaluation frameworks of Mobile application: A mini-systematic Literature Review. 2015, Malaysia. Global Summit on Education 2015,GSE.
  • Software Specification and Design
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Software Engineering Tools 
  • Software Quality Measurement
  • Software Architecture
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Ethics of Information Technology
  • Visual Programming .NET
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Fundamental of Software Engineering
  • IT Project Management
  • C++ Programming / Introduction to Programming Languages
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