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Mohammad Alshinwan
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Mohammad Al Shinwan, Kim Chul-Soo; Enhanced Mobile Packet Core Network Scheme for Next-Generation Mobile Communication SystemsIJECCE856-612017

Al Shinwan, Mohammad; Huy, Trong-Dinh; Chul-Soo, Kim; A Flat Mobile Core Network for Evolved Packet Core Based SAE Mobile NetworksJournal of Computer and Communications5562-732017Scientific Research Publishing

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Alshinwan, Mohammad; Abualigah, Laith; Shehab, Mohammad; Abd Elaziz, Mohamed; Khasawneh, Ahmad M; Alabool, Hamzeh; Al Hamad, Husam; Dragonfly algorithm: a comprehensive survey of its results, variants, and applicationsMultimedia Tools and ApplicationsJan-382021Springer US

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