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Zeyad Almatarneh
Assistant Professor
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The Role of Management Accounting in the Development of Supply Chain Performance in Logistics Manufacturing Companies

The effect of management accounting and blockchain technology characteristics on supply chains efficiency               

Auditing Practices in Banks: an Empirical Study of Jordan

The Effect of Applying Institutional Governance Principles in the Accounting Disclosure of Service Companies Listed on the ASE

-The Effect of the Elements of Accounting Information System (AIS) on Organizational Culture (OC) - A Field Study

The Impact of the Work Pillars of the Audit Committees on Light of the Governance in Controlling the Quality of the Financial Performance in the Jordanian Commercial Banks

External Auditor's Responsibility to the Detection of Inaccuracy and Fraud in the Financial Statements: An Empirical Study


Effect of Using the Financial Ratios on Explaining the Accounting Profit Power in Making the Financial Decisions in the Jordanian Commercial Banks

The Role of Internal Auditor in Limiting the Money Laundering in the Jordanian Commercial Banks

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