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Dr- Nahed Habis Alrawashedh

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Dr- Nahed Habis Alrawashedh
Associate professor


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Alrawashedh is a Ph.D. holder in Accounting. The current research methodology includes time series and panel data analysis in sub financial Accounting areas such as international Accounting Standards, Auditing , international Auditing standards. Moreover, I have been assigned to work as Head of Accounting Department Unit over the period of 2020 to 2021. In addition, participated as an examiner in many discussion committees of master dissertations and head of several committees.

Contact details:

Email: nahed.habis@aau.edu.jo

Phone #: +962792082053

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International Accounting Standards , Auditing , Financial Accounting

Accounting principles 1

Accounting principles 2

Managerial Accounting 

Corporate Accounting 

Government Accounting 

Accounting Theory Master 

Managerial Accounting Master 

Accounting Taxes 

International auditing standards 

Auditing 1

Auditing 2

Financial Accounting 2 




Assistant professor from 1/9/2016 till 12/1/2022

Associate professor from 13/1/2022 till now