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Amro Alzghoul
Assistant Professor

An Academician and Leadership/Business Development Professional who blends between the rigor of academic research and on-the-ground best practices in order to come up with novel approaches to push organizational and individual performance forward. Holding a PhD in Business Management with a special focus on Leadership from Girne American University in Cyprus. In addition, a MS in Business Development from Linnaeus University, Sweden, and a B.Sc. in Computer Information Systems from Mutah University, Jordan. 

In PhD dissertation, the impact of authentic leadership on employees and how it shapes workplace climate, creativity and job performance has been researched.  Moreover; tested the moderating role of knowledge sharing in the model, as well as the mediating role of workplace climate on the relationship between authentic leadership and positive organizational outcomes.

I have more than seven years' teaching experience on Business courses ranging from Entry-level to senior-level courses and successfully supervising Master students in their thesis. Currently, I am working as an Assistant Professor at the Business Management Department/ HRM, Amman Arab University, Jordan. I have worked as Academic Adviser, coach and Trainer at AlKhaleej Training and Education (Rancho Capability Building Project at Al Bahah College of Technology) (Nov 2017 – Jan 2020) in Saudi Arabia. Also I have worked as a Lecturer of Business Management at Kamal Ali Educational Center, Jordan (Feb 2014 - Oct 2017 ‘Part time’), and when I was Master student I worked as Lecturer at Norrbotten Cultural Center, Sweden (Sept 2010- Jun 2012).

My doctoral thesis was under the title: ‘A Multi-Level Examination of the Interplay Among Knowledge Management, Authentic Leadership, Workplace Climate, Creativity and Performance’. I am excited to continue my pursuits in this research areas and beyond. And I would be glad to collaborate with your respected department faculty to expand its potential. In addition to my thesis research, another area of interest is to explore the relationship between variables such as Entrepreneur leadership, workplace climate, organizational culture, entrepreneurial orientation, organizational learning, knowledge management, and organizational commitment, the aforementioned variables are known to have influence on organizational performance and employee outcome.

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  • Mert, İ. S., Sen, C., & Alzghoul, A. (2021). Organizational justice, life satisfaction, and happiness: the mediating role of workplace social courage. Kybernetes. https://doi.org/10.1108/K-02-2021-0116 (SSCI, IF: 1.754, Q1)
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  • Elrehail, H., Alzghoul, A., Saydam, S., Alnajdawi, S., & Al-Ararh, K. (2016). The Role of Knowledge Sharing Mechanism in the Development of Pricing Strategy. International Journal of Online Marketing Research, 2(1), 53–61. http://doi.org/10.5455/IJOMR.204243 
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