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الرابط على الموقع بالعربية 



الرابط على الموقع بالإنجليزية 



The Role of Listener's Interest and Speaker's First Language in Listening Comprehension


 The study seeks to gain insight into the role of some factors in listening comprehension. The first factor that the study investigates is the interest of the listener, while the second factor is speaker's first language or accent. As a secondary purpose, the study explores the extent to which listening causes difficulty for Jordanian learners of English as a foreign language (EFL). In collecting the data, the three-video task is utilized, where each of those videos is four minutes long and played only once. Two videos are Talk shows; one video is with the voice of a native speaker and the other is with the voice of a non-native speaker. The third video is a documentary with the voice of a native speaker. Twenty EFL learners pursuing their bachelor's degree participate in the study. The participants are third-year students, who are chosen randomly using systematic random sampling. The findings reveal that the interest of listener has little impact on listening comprehension. This is because the participants achieve better comprehension level at the documentary video than the Talk Show video, which is stated as their favorite. In addition, the study arrives at the result that speaker's first language or accent does not contribute actively to listening comprehension, meaning that the participants have compatible score in both the video with the voice of a native speaker (Talk Show) and the video with the voice of a non-native speaker (documentary). It is also found that listening constitutes a great difficulty for Jordanian EFL learners.

 Keywords: documentary; interest of listener; speaker's first language; Talk show

Shaker, Y., Jarrah, L. and Ababneh, I. The Role of Listener’s Interest and Speaker’s First in Language in Listening Comprehension, Asian EFL Journal, January – February 2021.







Vocal Harmony in Zaid Bin Ali Reading


The Quran readings are considered to be a source of Arab linguistic heritage where they represent various linguistic phenomena characterized by many functional vocal ones. There is no doubt that Zaid Bin Ali contains several vocal phenomena that needs to be thought over deeply. Therefore, the importance of the study emerges where the vocal phenomena whose function was vocal harmony will be dealt by study and analysis to identify their types and influence on the structure of the word. It was followed by a number of results, the most important of which are: The dominant feature of the verbal performance of the reading of Zaid bin Ali is vocal harmony and lightness.

Keywords: The Quran readings, vocal harmony, vocal follow, tilt, replacement.

الجراح، لينا والقضاة، مصطفى : الانسجام الصوتي في قراءة زيد بن علي، المجلة العربية للعلوم ونشر الأبحاث ، غزة، المجلد 7، العدد 2، 2021، ص26-40.



















The Efforts Of The Arabs In The Recent Terminological Composition


This study aims to study modern Arab efforts concerned with formulating and publishing the term describing and evaluating them. These efforts are divided into individual and institutional ones, and the theoretical and applied aspects of them are presented in this study. Moreover, the researchers sought to check the efforts' role in setting up and legalizing the term issues. Thus, showing their main achievements, evaluating them, and illustrating their main features since they are pioneers in this area. Unfortunately, they didn’t reach the nature of follow-up movements of terms created by the centers of studies and publishing worldwide. Several new recommendations were suggested. They could be applicable if they are put in practice- to solve the issues of the term and what is derived from setting up unification, and publishing. In this case, Arab scientific unity could be achieved.

Keywords: Terminological Composition, Term, Individual Efforts, Institutional Efforts

Lina Ali Al-Jarrah, Imad Abedalkareem Ababneh, Raeda Mofid Ammari & Mustafa Hassan Al-Qudah. The Efforts Of The Arabs In The Recent Terminological Composition. Multicultural Education, Issue 8 Volume 7.














A Comparative Study of Personal Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns and Relative Pronouns in Arabic, English and Spanish


This study aims at conducting a comprehensive comparison of pronouns in three languages namely Arabic, English and Spanish. The comparison is implemented in light of three types of pronouns; personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns and relative pronouns. The comparison aims chiefly at revealing areas of differences and similarities between pronouns in the three languages under investigation. The researchers compare pronouns in terms of their types, classifications and main characteristics. The comparison is accompanied with illustrative examples to enhance understanding the use of pronouns in the three languages. The needed data for the study are collected from different linguistic resources so that a detailed examination and exploration of pronouns in the three languages is made based on the collected resources. The results of analysis of pronouns reveal that pronouns in the three languages share the same referential function, which is assigning some elements to their actual referents. The analysis also depicts that the three languages act differently in terms of using those pronouns, in the sense that the differences are mostly exhibited in the pronouns specifying the number of referents, their gender and distance from referent.

Keywords :Personal pronouns; demonstrative pronouns; relative pronouns

Jarrah, L., Shaker, Y. and Ababneh, I. A Comparative Study of Personal Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns and Relative Pronouns in Arabic, English and Spanish, International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation (ULLT), Vol 3, Issue 12,  2021, Pp 102- 109.























Faculty of Arts and Science Members at Amman Arab University and their

 Perspective of Distance learning Reality in light of COVID-19



            The current study aims at revealing the reality of Distance learning and its impact on the process of education during Coronavirus spread, from the faculty members' point of view at Amman Arab University. To achieve the objectives of this study, the researchers followed descriptive approaches.  The study sample reached (138) faculty members at AAU. The participants were selected by the comprehensive enumeration method. A questionnaire of (34) items was developed and distributed to collect the required data, whose reliability coefficient was (0.79). After conducting the statistical analysis using the (SPSS) program, the findings reveal that the level of Distance learning during COVID-19 in AAU from the faculty members' perspective is moderate, and the advantages of Distance learning during COVID-19 are moderate. However, the disadvantages of Distance learning results are high. The findings also indicate that there are no statistically significant differences at the level of significance (α ≤0.05) in the responses of the participants according to gender, academic qualification, academic rank, faculty, and years of experience variables. Due to the findings, the researchers recommend holding training courses in the field of Distance learning for both, teachers and students, to help eliminate all obstacles that prevent benefiting from the Distance learning system.


Keywords: COVID-19, Amman Arab University, Distance learning, faculty members


Ammari, R., Al-Jarrah, L. & Khalifeh, A. (2021). Faculty of Arts and Science Members at Amman Arab University and their Perspective of Distance learning Reality in light of COVID-19. AAU Journal, Vol.5, Issue 1








البنية المقطعية في قراءة زيد بن علي


ترمي الدراسة إلى التعريف ببنية المقطع في قراءة زيد بن علي، وتوجيه ما يطرأ عليها من تغيير وفق الظواهر الصوتية؛ إذ يتناول هذا البحث بالدراسة توجيهات زيد بن علي للظواهر الصوتية في قراءاته، دراسة صوتيّة فونولوجيّة؛ إذ تناول في قراءاته كثيرًا من الظواهر الصوتيّة، فاشتملت هذه الدراسة على دراسة الإدغام وفكه، والحركات، والتشديد والتخفيف، والهمز، بالإضافة إلى التمهيد الذي خصص للتعريف زيد بن علي أوّلاً، وتعريف القراءات القرآنيّة ثانيًا، والمقطع ثالثًا.
وتضمّن الحديث في هذه الظواهر مقدمات نظرية تعرض لعدد من القضايا التي تخص تلك الظواهر من مثل: تعريفها عند القدماء والمحدثين، والغرض منها، ثمّ مناقشة توجيهات زيد بن علي لتلك الظواهر، بعرض تلك التوجيهات وتحليلها، ببيان أوجه التغيّر فيها من خلال الكتابة الصوتية، والمعادلات الفونولوجيّة التي تفسر ما حدث فيها من تغيّر، وفي ضوء ذلك تمّ دراسة البنية المقطعية بناء على قراءة زيد بن علي، وبعد تحليل تلك التوجيهات ومناقشتها ذيلت الدراسة بأبرز النتائج التي تمّ التوصل إليها.

الكلمات المفتاحية

القراءات القرآنيّة _ الظواهر الصوتية _ المقطع _ الإدغام _ الحركات _التشديد _ التخفيف _ الهمز.


الجراح، لينا: البنية المقطعية في قراءة زيد بن علي، مجلة الجامعة الإسلامية للعلوم الإنسانية، غزةـ 2019، مجلد 27, عدد 3 (2019)، 211-227 .










Antología de la representación árabe en las narrativas hispanoamericanas          “Anthlogy of Arabic Representation in Hispano- American Narratives”


This article talks about the Arab presence and its influence on Spanish and Latin- American literature. The Arab expatriates who flocked to the new continent on varying dates brought with them their customs, traditions, culture, and their poetic sense. Their influence in the new society was remarkable in all of these fields. A big number of Spanish and Latin-American writers, novelists, and poets, had enriched their distinguished literary works with what they wrote about the presence of different subjects of the Arabs.  This cannot be denied or ignored; the Arab influence is clear and evident in their creativity and literature.

Keywords :Modernismo, Las mil y una noches, al-Andalus, Mahyar


Ababneh,I., Aljarrah, L.& Talafha, A.(2021) Antología de la representación árabe en las narrativas hispanoamericanas “Anthlogy of Arabic Representation in Hispano- American Narratives”. Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry, Issue 6, Volume 12, pp 8905 – 8908.















The style of Hazem Al-Qarthaginy Model


The aim of this study is to examine the heritage of the Moroccans style in the book "Minhaj Al Bulagha Wa Siraj Al Odaba" for Hazem Al-Qarthaginy (684 AH). The researchers presented the concepts of the Al-Qarthaginy style, and this matter necessitated to refer to Ibn Khaldun's definition of style, as a Moroccan critic as well as to be consulted and compared with what came by Al-Qarthaginy. Then, the researchers referred to Al-Qarthaginy’s view of the style in terms of appropriateness of style for specific purposes and the relationship of style with the elements of speech. Finally, the researchers concluded this study with a summary of its contents and the most important attained results.

Keywords: Style, purposes and conditions of addressees, elements of speech

Al-Jarrah, L. Ababneh, I. & Ammari. R. (2021) The style of Hazem Al-Qarthaginy Model. Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry, Issue 6, Volume 12, pp 8898 – 8904.