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College of Computer Sciences and Informatics at "Amman Arab University" Meets its New Students

كلية العلوم الحاسوبية والمعلوماتية في "عمان العربية" تلتقي بطلبتها الجدد


College of Computer Sciences and Informatics at "Amman Arab University" Meets its New Students

Amman - College of Computer Sciences and Informatics at Amman Arab University held a meeting with new students for the second semester 2022/2023, in the presence of the Deputy Dean of the College / Head of the Information Technology Department, Dr. Rami Sahweil, the Head of the Computer Science and Information Systems Department, Dr. Ghaith Jaradat, and the Head of the Software Engineering Department, Dr. Omar Tarawneh in addition to the faculty members of the college.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Deputy Dean welcomed the new students and congratulated them for choosing to enroll in IT majors at Amman Arab University. He gave a brief explanation about the college, its academic departments, and the agreements signed with local and international bodies such as Oracle Academy, Cisco, and EC-Council for Cybersecurity, with the aim of enhancing their expertise and qualifying them for the labor market, in addition to to sign agreements with several telecommunications and information technology companies to provide suitable places for them to complete practical training in an optimal manner.

Dr. Sahwil encouraged the students to join the IT Club, which was established more than 3 years ago and is currently managed by the students themselves under the supervision of a number of faculty members, which implements many important activities and events, expressing his admiration and great pride in what has been achieved by the students.

Dr. Sahwil explained the teaching mechanism adopted in the college, which focuses on teaching the practical side by adopting the teaching of programming languages and practical platforms used in the labor market in most courses with the aim of enhancing the capabilities and skills of students and their competition to obtain the jobs they deserve locally and regionally. He also encouraged them to start their university life through the participation in activities, competitions and free training workshops offered by the college and the university and benefit from them by enhancing their personal and professional skills, stressing that the college will support the participation of students who qualify for local, regional and international competitions and any competitions that achieve benefit and interest for students, and directed students to follow the lectures and review their academic advisors to help them register courses, respond to their inquiries and support them with updates that they may encounter during their academic career, stressing that the doors of all department heads and the Deanship of the college is open to them at any time.

For their part, the heads of departments encouraged the students to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the academic departments to the students, including competitions, training workshops and specialized events. At the end of the meeting, the Vice Dean of the College and the heads of departments answered the students' inquiries and listened to their suggestions and observations.