fbpxInternational Refereed Scientific Conference "Contemporary Trends in Achieving Social Security in accordance with Islamic Law and Educational Purposes" 14-15 May 2022 | Amman Arab University

International Refereed Scientific Conference "Contemporary Trends in Achieving Social Security in accordance with Islamic Law and Educational Purposes" 14-15 May 2022

المؤتمر العلمي الدولي المُحكم الاتجاهات المعاصرة في تحقيق الأمن المجتمعي في ضوء المقاصد الشرعية والتربوية


International Refereed Scientific Conference

"Contemporary Trends in Achieving Social Security in accordance with Islamic Law and Educational Purposes"
14-15 May 2022
Organized by
Faculty of Shari’a and Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences
Amman Arab University



 Conference Idea:

       Given the manifestations of social violence, various crises and conflicts, the high crime rates at the level of individuals and groups, and the resulting negative effects that contribute to destabilizing the security of society at its various levels and categories, starting with the family and its components and dimensions, and the threats that surround the safety of individuals and societies, it was necessary for us to stand on the scenes to be analyzed so as to find preventive and curative solutions derived from Islamic Sharia to achieve societal security, which is the basis for stability and progress in all fields. 

As a result, the Faculty of Shari’a and the Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences at Amman Arab University organized the international scientific conference marked by "Contemporary Trends in Achieving Social Security in accordance with Islamic Law and Educational Purposes" from 14-15/5/2022.


Important Dates
Deadline for Receiving Abstracts31//2022March
Deadline for Receiving Final Research20/ /2022April
Conference Date14-15/ /2022May







Conference Objectives:
1)    Discussing issues related to community security and the challenges facing its achievement.
2)    Preserving intellectual and societal security by adopting the correct Islamic faith.
3)    Demonstrating the significance of applying Islamic law and educational purposes in achieving societal security.
4)    Identifying the role of religious and educational institutions in facing societal violence.
5)    Investigating the preventive and curative means to reduce threats of societal security.
6)    Presenting models for the emerging roles of educational leaders in achieving social security.
Conference themes:
1)    Community security in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
2)    The role of the correct Islamic faith in maintaining intellectual and social security.
3)    The legitimate and educational purposes of achieving social security.
4)    The role of religious and educational institutions in achieving social security.
5)    Challenges and obstacles facing the achievement of social security.
6)    Preventive and curative measures to achieve community security.
7)    The role of psychological and educational counseling in achieving community security.
8)    The emerging roles of educational leaders in achieving community security.
9)    Any other topics that contribute to achieving social security

 Research Submission Terms
 • Accepting research that falls within the various themes of the conference.
 • The research should not have been published or sent for publication anywhere else.
 • The language of the research approved in the conference is Arabic and English.
 • The number of research pages should not exceed (20) pages, including figures, graphics, and appendices, and the number of words should not exceed (10000) words.
 The research should be written using Microsoft Word, font size (12pt), Simplified Arabic for Arabic texts, Time New Roman (10pt) for English, and Bold (14pt) for headlines.
 • Attached with the research keywords and two abstracts, one in Arabic and the other in English, provided that the number of words for each summary does not exceed (300) words.
 • Research submitted to the conference will be subject to scientific referees, and a group of distinguished researchers will be selected to be published in the Amman Arab University Research Journal (ISSN:2519-6340).

 Research Paper Submission Mechanism & Conference Participation Fees
    Research papers can be submitted as follows:

    Participation in the conference is free.

  • Each participant will be provided with a free hard copy of the conference papers.
  • The participant shall afford the travel and accommodation costs.

  The participation in the conference includes:

  • Lunch for two days
  • Bag + stationery + conference book


Conference Committees

Preparatory Committee

Preparatory Committee
1Dr. Bilal Abu QaddoumChair
2Dr. Hiam AltaajVice-Chair of the conference
3Dr. Kifah AlsuwriiMember and  Reporter of the Conference
4Professor Shatha Al-AjeeliMember
5Dr. Ahmed AbabnehMember
6Dr. Rami Al ShaqranMember
7Dr.. Rand ArabiyatMember
8Dr. Suhaila BanatMember
9Dr. Samer Al-AyasraMember
10Dr. Nassibeh Al-MousaMember
11Dr. Majed Al-AdwanMember
12Dr. Murad ShakibMember
13Dr. Dina BazadoughMember
14Dr. Mohammed MustafaMember
15Dr. Iyad Al-ShawarebMember
16Dr. Mishaal Al-JarrahMember


Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee
1Prof. Adnan Al-JadriJordan
2Prof. Ahmed Fares Al-SalloumSaudi Arabia
3Prof. Siham Abu AitaJordan
4Prof.  Neamat AlwanPalestine
5Prof. Intisar Al-AshaJordan
6Dr. Bilal Abu QaddoumJordan
7Dr. Hiyam Al-TajJordan
8Dr. Kifah Al-SuriJordan
9Dr. Hind GhadayviAlgeria
10Dr. Ahmed AbabnehJordan
11Dr. Suhaila BanatJordan
12Dr. Marwan Al-SmadiJordan
13Dr. Murad ShakibJordan
14Dr. Bahjat Abu SuleimanJordan
15Dr. Nassibeh Al-MousaJordan
16Dr. Munther QudahJordan
17Dr. Bassam GhanemJordan
18Dr. Emad KanaanTurkey
19Dr. Rami Al ShaqranJordan


Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee
1Prof. Abdullah OweidatJordan
2Prof. Hayel DaoudJordan
3Prof. Muhannad Abu MoghliJordan
4Prof. Ali Al-SawaJordan
5Prof. Youssef AwadPalestine
6Prof. Rahman Al-MutairiKuwait
7Prof. Abdulmohsen Al-ZeinKuwait
8Dr. Khaled Al SultanKuwait
9Dr. Abdullah Matar AlsharikaKuwait
10Dr. Ali MahamaThailand
11Dr. Suleiman bin SafiyaAlgeria
12Dr. Ali MusaTunis


Media and Public Relations Committee

Media and Public Relations Committee
1Prof. Odeh Abu SuninaChair
2Prof. Soheir TalMember
3Dr. Bilal Abu QaddoumMember
4Dr. Kifah AlsuwriiMember
5Dr. Ahmed AbabnehMember
6Dr. Ibtisam Al-SalehMember
7Dr. wafa' aleidMember
8Dr. Nabil HumaidanMember
9Dr. Khalil FayoumiMember
10Mr. Waddah MesmarMember


 For inquiries, please call or send a message to the following addresses:-
 Amman Arab University
 Faculty of Sharia: Dr. Bilal Abu Qaddoum 00962799297245
 Dr. Ahmed Ababneh 00962775958088
 Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences: Dr. Anas Al-Hananda 00962788807587
 Amman Arab University
 Jordan Street - Mobus - Amman (11953) Jordan.
 P.O. Box (2234) Telephone No. 0096264791400 Fax 0096264791414

 Conference Secretariat:
 Faculty of Shari’a / Aida Al-Namrouti Tel: 0096264791400 ext. 451
 Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences/ Rasha Jaffal Tel: 0096264791400 ext. 473



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