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About Faculty

The Faculty of Law is one of the most prestigious law schools locally and internationally. The Faculty offers a 4-year programs, and a variety of taught master program focusing on human rights, Jordanian law, Corporate and Financial Law, Information Technology and Intellectual Property, and Arbitration. It also offers various research postgraduate programs.

The Faculty believes in quality research and distinguished education. Our programs emphasize quality teaching, student-based learning, interactive participation and international exposure. Students are encouraged to participate in its various programs and activities. 

The Faculty is also the host to many internationally distinguished scholars and academic conferences each year.

Since its first day, the Faculty has been training graduates who are today distinguished legal professionals and leaders of our community. Building upon our unique commitment, the Faculty has an irreplaceable role to play in scholarship, research and education on common law and comparative law.

Our faculty members have a wide range of research interests, and are prolific researchers both in Jordan and overseas.

Degrees offered:

Undergraduate program:

  • BA IN Law.

Graduate program:

  • ​MA in Law.​​