fbpxFirst International Scientific Conference of Arts and Sciences “Arts and Sciences, Pillars of Knowledge” - 18-19/ 4/ 2020 | Amman Arab University

First International Scientific Conference of Arts and Sciences “Arts and Sciences, Pillars of Knowledge” - 18-19/ 4/ 2020


Idea of Conference

In the light of vision and mission of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, that value the significance of scientific research in contributing to the economic, social and educational development of communities, came the idea of our first international referred conference under the motto Arts and Sciences, the Pillars of Knowledge.  The conference is organized to provide an ample opportunity for research scholars, delegates, and graduate students to interact and share their experiences, research projects, and knowledge for the purpose of well-serving our communities in the fields of Arts and Sciences.

Conference Objectives

  1. Presenting research projects related to the fields of Mathematics, English language and translation, and Arabic Language for non-native speakers.
  2. Discussing major issues related to the chief cognitive domains of the conference
  3. Exchanging ideas and enhancing communication and collaboration among scholars
  4. Delivering innovative ideas and issues related to Mathematics, English language, translation, and Arabic Language for non-native speakers.
  5. Highlighting the problematic issues to be contested in the below mentioned domains.
  6. Enhancing and tuning scientific research to keep abreast with the new economic, social and educational challenges


                       Domains of Conference

  1. Mathematics
  1. Pure Mathematics
  2. Applied Mathematics
  3. Statistics
  4. Teaching methods of mathematics.
  1. Language Studies
  1. Studies in Translation, Linguistics, and Methodology
  2. Studies in English Literature
  3. Studies in Teaching Arabic for Non-Speakers
  4. Teaching methods of English.

Preparatory Committee

                      1.  Prof. Imad Alzuhairi (chair)

                      2. Prof. Adnan Aljadiri

                      3. Prof. Fuad Al-Jawaldeh

                      4. Dr. Adil Jamil

                      5. Dr. May Al-Shaikhli

                      6. Dr. Mohammad Al-mousa

                      7.  Kamal Fraij (University President’s Assistant for Media and Public Relations)

                Organizing Committee

                      1.  Prof. Imad Alzuhairi (chair)

                      2. Dr. May Al-Shaikhli

                      3. Dr. Mohammad Almousa

                      4. Dr. Lina Aljarrah

                      5. Dr. Hamzah A. Qogazeh

                      6. Dr. Yousef Al-Qudah

                      7. Dr. Yazan Almahameed

                      8. Dr. Raeda Ammari

                      9. Dana Tabari

                   Scientific Committee

  1.  Prof. Imad Alzuhairi (chair)
  2.  Prof. Adnan Aljadiri
  3.  Prof. Muhammad Abu-Salih
  4.  Prof. Ibrahim Al-shara 
  5.  Dr. Adil Jamil
  6.  Dr. Mohammad Almousa
  7.  Dr. May Al-Shaikhli
  8.  Dr. Lina Aljarrah

                     Advisory Committee

  1. Prof. Hani Khashan
  2. Prof. Qutaibah  Khatatbeh
  3. Prof. Hasan Hdeib
  4. Prof. Nayel Al-Shara'h
  5. Prof. Sameer Statiyyeh
  6. Prof. Amjad Al-Nasser
  7. Prof. Omar Eidous
  8. Prof. Bader Dweik
  9.  Prof. Fawwaz  Al-Abed Al-Haq

    10. Prof. Rajai Al-Khanji

    11. Prof. Ali Al Hroot

    12. Prof. Waleed AL Anati

    13. Prof. Abdulqader Khattab


                      Secretariat and Correspondence Committee

  1. Dr. Mohammad Almousa (head)
  2. Dr. Yazan Almahameed
  3. Dr. Yousef Al-Qudah
  4. Dr. Raeda Ammari
  5. Ahmad Talafha

                      Communication and Public Relation Committee

  1. Kamal Fraij (chair)
  2. Dr. May Al-Shaikhli
  3. Dana Tabari
  4. Abeer Inbeh


Reception Committee

Dr.Imad Ababna (chair)                Dr.Raeda Ammari

Mr.Ahmad Talafha                        Ms. Kareema Bqoor

Ms.Saja Al-Najjar                           Ms. Areej Khaleefa


Regulations of Conference

  •  A Researcher to determine his/her theme of conference with a brief c.v


  •  All submitted articles must report original, previously unpublished research results.


  • The submitted paper will be referred.


  • The paper must be sent by E.Mail to the Correspondence Committee.


  • Methodology of the scientific research should be considered, following Microsoft Word Manuscript, 12 Font, and Times New Roman.


  • Paper must not exceed 20 pages.


Research Methodology

Methodology of the scientific research should be considered. Papers must include the following:

  • Research title, work institution and E.Mail.
  • Text abstract in Arabic and English and must not exceed 130 words including keywords.
  • An introduction including Problem, significance and objectives of the research.
  • Theoretical framework of the paper and its previous studies.
  • Results and remarks.
  • Conclusions and recommendations.
  • References in (Arabic and English).


Conference Fees

                             Participants                                   Fees  US$


50 US$

Authors and Experts

150 US$


50 US$


Note: Participants with more than one paper will pay 50% of the second paper fee

      Significant Notes and Dates:  

Early Bird registration and submission will help the concerned committees to carry out their job appropriately.

  • Date of Conference 18-19/04/2020
  • Dead line of full paper 28/02/2020
  • Dead line of responding to the submitted papers 15/03/2020
  • Venue :Amman Arab University


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