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Mobus Secondary School Honors Amman Arab University

مدرسة موبص الثانوية المختلطة تكرم جامعة عمّان العربية


Mobus Secondary School Honors Amman Arab University

President of Amman Arab University, Prof. Mohamad Al-Widyan, received a delegation representing Mobus Secondary School, which included the Vice Principal of the school, Ms. Hiyam Al-Wreikat, in the presence of Ms. Diana Al-Buraisi, Ms. Amna Al-Tubaishat, and Ms. Samia Zawaneh, in the presence of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Ikhlas Al-Tarawneh, and the Assistant President for Planning and Assurance Quality Dr. Hossam Al-Hamad.

During the meeting, ways of cooperation between the University and schools in the region were presented in various aspects, including training and rehabilitation programs. Prof. Muhamad Al-Widyan explained the tasks of social responsibility towards the local community, which is unique to Amman Arab University in the presence of an office for social responsibility specialized in expanding community programs and projects and in partnership with institutions.

For her part, Al-Wreikat thanked the efforts made by Amman Arab University for the school and the community by offering initiatives and training courses that raise the level of the individual's career and to increase the efficiency and skill of teachers in various fields. At the end of the meeting, the delegation honored Prof. Mhamad Al-Widyan for the University's efforts in social responsibility.