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President of "Amman Arab University" Meets the Distinguished People and Residents of Bab Amman Municipality

رئيس "عمان العربية" يلتقي وجهاء وسكان بلدية باب عمّان


President of "Amman Arab University" Meets the Distinguished People and Residents of Bab Amman Municipality

President of Amman Arab University, Prof. Mohamed Al-Widyan, met in the presence of deans and managers from the University, a group of representatives of Bab Amman Municipality institutions and residents from the areas of (Marsa, Turloub, Jub, Jabba, Mastaba). This meeting comes from a series of meetings with members of the local community based on building bridges of cooperation between the University and local community institutions, and strengthening the principle of community partnership between them and to achieve the vision and mission of Amman Arab University and providing various services to the environment and community sectors.

During the meeting held in the hall of late Nahar Al-Eid and moderated by Dr. Ayed Al-Khawalda, Prof. Al-Widyan presented the University's march since its inception to its progress in all academic and scientific fields. He pointed to the initiatives and activities implemented by the University in building bridges with the local community on a sustainable basis and its readiness to move forward to implement initiatives for both parties.

Prof. Al-Widyan stressed the importance of this meeting, which represents the first building bridges of cooperation between Amman Arab University and Bab Amman Municipality in all its affiliated areas. He expressed the University's readiness by all available means to launch joint initiatives and provide college and partial grants to the people of the region wishing to study at the University for bachelor's and master's degrees. 

In turn, the University's consultant for social responsibility, Mr. Bassam Al-Bashaira, explained the role of Amman Arab University in social responsibility and the initiatives launched by the office since its establishment. The University administration decided that the social responsibility office should be added to the organizational structure of the university in order to sense of social responsibility towards Jordanian society to contribute together with other institutions of the From continuing their University education by covering the costs of their education throughout their years of study by providing full or partial grants to beneficiaries, he pointed out that the total money spent by the Fund at Amman Arab University during the past two years amounted to about one million dollars, and that the Fund is heading in the next stage to add a program of training and qualifying students for the labor market and establishing small-projects for families with financial challenges who are able to work and produce in partnership with the economic and social institutions of the local community.

It is worth-mentioning that this meeting, which was coordinated by a member of the University Council, Dr. Zuhair Al-Khawaldeh, witnessed interventions from the region's dignitaries and the audience that Prof. Al-Widyan listened to, and answered the questions raised that enriched the meeting and increased its importance. Prof. Al-Widyan also thanked everyone who contributed to organizing this meeting, hoping that there will be other meetings that translate into reality what has been agreed upon.