fbpx “Amman Arab university” Hosts Sheikh “Ahmed Al-Nafis” | Amman Arab University

 “Amman Arab university” Hosts Sheikh “Ahmed Al-Nafis”

ملتقى أهل القرآن الثاني في "عمان العربية" يستضيف الشيخ القارئ المعروف "أحمد النفيس"


 “Amman Arab university” Hosts Sheikh “Ahmed Al-Nafis”
Amman - College of Sharia at the Amman Arab University launched the Second Qur’an People’s Forum, sponsored by the President of the Amman Arab University, Prof. Mohammad Al-Widyan, which comes within the qualitative activities of the College of Sharia.  He is considered one of the most famous readers in the world.

The forum was opened with verses from the Holy Qur’an, the student “Salihin Muslim” from the Republic of Cambodia, who is one of the students studying at the College of Sharia.  The past on the university campus, in addition to the importance of supporting Sharia faculties by hosting the preservation of the purified revelation of the Holy Qur’an, which leaves a good impact on our sons and daughters students and the local community.

In his speech, Prof. Al-Widyan referred to the importance of the Holy Qur’an in our lives and urged the students to memorize the book of God Almighty, in which there is guidance and light. He showed the interest and support of AAU in the Holy Qur’an and its people, as it continues to host readers from the local and international community, in order to draw closer to God and support the Qur’an and its people.

The forum was moderated by the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia at the Amman Arab University, Dr. Bilal Abu Qadoum, who moderated the dialogue between Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nafees and the audience, stressing the support of the college for students in all legal, scientific and other aspects.  The trustworthy one is in the heart of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, so that he will be a bearer of good tidings to the worlds, a warner, and a guide to God, with His permission, and an enlightening lamp.

In the same context, Al-Nafis stressed the importance of caring for young people and raising them at the tables of the Qur’an, acting on its rulings and believing what is in it from the news, and working with what it contains of rulings, morals and good behavior. From the Holy Qur’an with melodious voices and good readings, and imitated the readings of the imams of reciters in the Islamic world, such as Al-Husri, Al-Minshawi and others, and demonstrated his ingenuity in his recitation of the Qur’an and his mastery of it.  Athba, and there was talk about his various singing participations, between moderate prophetic praises free from dogmatic violations, as well as his care for scientific texts in various fields.