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Education and ScienceTrade and the Bottle Mouth

التجارة بالتعليم والعلم وفوهة الزجاجة


Education and ScienceTrade and the Bottle Mouth
By: Prof. Dr. Younes Megdadi, Amman Arab University

Many ask about solutions that can be used to address many issues, problems and challenges facing the individual, the family, institutions and society in its various sectors, which we find difficult to deal with despite the availability of educated human capital and in various specialized fields, but we find ourselves in a state of confusion or resort to Solutions that are almost superficial and useless, which makes matters worse due to the absence of radical solutions to address them, especially in light of the civilizational race that we are witnessing in our present time and the future full of surprises.

Everyone notes the rapid development of all sciences and their fields of knowledge, and this indicates the response of science to meet the requirements of human life, individuals, institutions and countries, as a successful means of change, development and seizing opportunities, not to mention the possibility of achieving the hopes, aspirations and aspirations of generations. Hence the assurances of thinkers and opinion-makers, centuries ago, on investing in education and science as a profitable trade in all aspects of human life, socially, culturally, economically, politically and technologically, as the true nucleus of building the future that nations and societies aspire to.

Evidence of investing in science and education as a profitable trade are many countries, including, but not limited to, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan, not to mention the countries of Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia and others, and the qualitative leaps that have been achieved at all levels, believing that education and science is the real key to the renaissance of nations. On the other hand, we find other countries and societies, the majority of which are in third world societies, which still consider education and science as a means to obtain scientific certificates, and many are competing for them to achieve personal gains such as job and status and others without considering the real benefit from them such as development, change and competition with the other world within the concept of competitiveness.

Trade in education and science is not meant by its linguistic connotation and indicative of buying and selling, but rather indicative of how education and science are invested in achieving qualitative change as a key to translating aspirations and hopes in various walks of life and within qualitative standards for employment in the development of industry, trade, services, banking, health, education, agriculture, energy, technological development and others, with the aim of eliminating From the play of suffering, which has become rooted without radical solutions that help get out of the mouth of the bottle.

Many believe that the blurring of future visions for education and science and how to invest it in all aspects of human life was one of the most important challenges facing societies and countries, which contributed to weakening the education system and its outputs, not to mention the weak infrastructure and logistical support and production of science and scientists and their practical use in public affairs to solve the problems and issues of society And its institutions, and the weakness in establishing a culture of investment in human capital, considering education and science as the real factory of minds in order to invest them as profitable trade in various fields, strengthening the role of research and development institutions, paying attention to creators with creative and innovative ideas, activating the participatory role of the public and private sectors with scientific research centers and consolidating them as a community culture Within institutional frameworks, getting rid of traditional ideas and their sources, and getting rid of thinking patterns based on personal methodologies in managing life and institutional affairs.

God Almighty said in His Noble Book: “God will raise those among you who believe and those who have been given knowledge by degrees, and God is by what you do, verse 11.”, and our Noble Messenger said in his hadith: “God does is not snatched science away from the people, but grasps science with the grasp of scholars, so that when there is no scholar left, people will take ignorant leaders, so they were asked, and they gave fatwas without knowledge, and they preferred and led astray.”". Hence, we find ourselves all as partners agreeing that science and education is the profitable trade for the advancement and civilization of peoples, benefiting from human capital and employing the capabilities that we possess in abundance to achieve prosperity and happiness and achieve aspirations and hopes in an effort to get out of the mouth of the bottle.