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Fog of Future and Engineering of Generations

Fog of Future and Engineering of Generations
By: Prof. Dr. Younes Megdadi – Amman Arab University

One of the most prominent implications of the concept of engineering science, which examines in the best scientific ways how to use material or non-material resources in order to organize, structure and arrange them to become, therefore, more serving the benefit of humanity in its future generations. Based on this connotation, if we look at the coming generations and their needs in light of the challenges and circumstances of their future time, we will reach a conclusion recommended by the Commander of the Faithful li bin Abe Talib, may God be pleased with him, “bring your children up for a time other than your time.” Within educational inputs that are in harmony with the time of their generation, to rely on them hopes and aspirations in building the future for them and their society.

Engineering process for future generations mainly requires various innovative ideas and designs to have a role in changing the current reality with its inputs and its main stages, starting with the childhood stage, i.e. family education, school, university and even, as it is said, the workplace as well. Engineering generations to bring them into existence within the capabilities and personal capabilities, skills, knowledge and others to be able to adapt and interact with the reality and conditions of its current and future times, despite the expectations of many of us that it will be difficult in light of the changes taking place with challenges beyond the will, which have imposed themselves on thought and culture and the lifestyle of current and future generations.

If we project what we aim at from this article on the reality of what the current generation is suffering, i.e. the youth, for example, we will find a lot that may attach its causes to several related parties, including the family and its social and economic conditions, the school, teaching methods and learning resources, as well as universities with their inputs, which some see as still a kind What needs to be directed towards practical application in its outputs. As for employers, they are stopped by the large numbers of candidates for limited jobs, of course, which will produce a few of them through the results of competitive employment interviews and exams in the public and private sectors .The future and its burdens laden with unpleasant surprises in many cases.

Building generations process is a great responsibility for everyone, which has become an urgent requirement for all partners to urgently re-engineer building generations in all its stages and harnessing all resources and capabilities within strategic visions capable of improving their condition and arming them with new skills and knowledge to race against time and its requirements to enable them to appropriately adapt to new developments This time and the next, instead of waiting for a long time, and therefore we will find ourselves, God forbid, have contributed to the loss of the compass of building generations, which has unimaginable consequences.