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Consultation platform

Instructor Namespecific MajorSuggested Consultation
Dr. Bahjat Abu SulaimanEducational and psychology Counseling1. Counseling 2. Self-development 3. Kaizen- 4MAT
Dr. Dina bazadoughEducational Leadership and Administration1. Educational Leadership 2. Management Practices
Prof. Suhair Al –TalSpecial Education1. The field of special education in general 2. The field of talent and creativity, in particular
Dr. Khalil FayyoumiCurriculum and Instruction, Methodology, Methods of Teaching Languages1. Writing thesis 2. educational researches
Dr. Samer AyasrahGifted and talented educationGifted and talented Entrepreneurship
Dr. Mohammad B. MustafaEducational leadership1. Integrating up-to-date technology to develop instruction. 2. Linking research with SDG17 goals to increase research output. 3. Engaging the college with community.
Dr. Mohanad ShboulSpecial educationCase study
Dr.Marwan AL SmadiMeasurement and evaluation1. Development of tests and scales. 2. Evaluating tools of research
Dr. Jehad Ali Almomanicurriculum and teachingIntegrating technology in teaching and using the electronic applications
Dr. Nusaiba Al Mousacurriculum and instruction1. Teaching models 2. Teaching strategies