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Tenders Department

Tenders Department
  1. Preparing tender documents and making sure of matching the required specifications. 
  2. Preparing the suitable commercial wording related to the tender and publishing the commercials in the newspapers. 
  3. Preparing all documents related to general and special conditions of tenders and considering them as essential part of tender documents.
  4. Submitting tender documents to companies' representatives and proceeding with sending the money to the financial division as duly agreed upon. 
  5. Receiving all offers provided by companies and placing them in tender box.
  6. Participating in opening price offers, ordering and keeping relevant documents in special file.
  7. Preparing letters relevant to committees of tenders, contacting and handing them approved price offers.
  8. Delivering all forms of offers and received samples to tender committees. and keeping them during and after considering price offers. 
  9. Preparing all correspondences relevant to bid bond guarantees, execution and maintenance guarantees.