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Implementation and Follow-up Division

Implementation and Follow-up Division
  1. Follow-up on the unfinished tasks from previous meetings (weekly-urgent).
  2. Follow up the tasks that are assigned during the most recent meetings.
  3. Follow up and supervise the departments concerned with the implementation of issued circulars and decisions.
  4. Follow-up the correspondence of the Quality Assurance Department.
  5. Ensure that all formal applications and procedures are carried out in the designated and approved form.
  6. Coordinate with the Secretariat regarding any work that requires the participation of departments with each other.
  7. Contribute in the preparation of the budget of the department in coordination with the financial affairs department.
  8. Writing periodic reports on the division’s work and submitting them to the director.
  9. Follow-up the meetings and minutes of meeting of the Quality Assurance Council units.
  10. Follow up the implementation of the university's filling system.
  11. Translation of all the quality assurance documents.
  12. Follow-up and document the quality assurance procedures in colleges, centers and all university units.
  13. Follow-up and documenting the activities of the internal audit committees of the department.