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Customer Relations Division

About the Division

The Customer Relations Division plays an important role in building relationships with the local and regional community, strengthening relationships with students inside and outside the University, and meeting their needs by providing high quality services to improve the University’s reputation, increase awareness and enhance its competitiveness.


Tasks of the Customer Relations Division
  1. Responding immediately to students' inquiries via landline, hotline, or WhatsApp outside official working hours.
  2. Using simple language to explain the details of the advertising campaigns and the advertised services and to provide the information the student needs.
  3. Maintaining a positive approach to dealing with the problems facing students, helping them to overcome difficulties, and providing adequate answers to their inquiries.
  4. Problem management and concern for student satisfaction; to improve the quality of service, which affects attracting more students.
  5. Maintaining records of communication with students, their comments and complaints.
  6. Communicating with students through various social media and responding to their inquiries.