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Evaluative and computing courses division


The Course Design and Computerization Division is mainly concerned with managing the e-learning system at the university by following up on specialized systems and programs in addition to assisting faculty members and students and developing their expertise in the fields of e-learning by holding training courses and periodic workshops and providing them with consultations.

1.    Management of e-learning systems and software used at the university.
2.    Improving and developing the educational process at the university using strategies supported by modern technology.
3.    Presenting projects that contribute to the development of the e-learning environment.
4.    Develop the expertise of faculty members and administrative staff in the field of e-learning through periodic training courses and periodic workshops in all fields and skills of e-learning.
5.    Enhancing students' e-learning skills.
6.    Creating and providing educational and instructional videos for both faculty members and students.
7.    Providing the necessary technical support regarding the university's e-learning systems.