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Management Research Series

NumberResearch TitleResearch
1Factors Influencing Delay in Issuing Annual Financial Reports: An Empirical Study on Hotels Corporations Listed in Amman Stock Exchange Nimer Slahat,Monther Alnemer,Mohamad Fayez,Mohamed Aladham,Mohamad AlshaweeshDownload Research
2The Impact of Practicing Management by Walking Around on Implementing Health accreditation Standards at Jordanian Private Hospitals Taghreed AL-SarhanDownload Research
3The Impact of Governance from an Islamic Perspective on Excellence at the General Iftaa' Department in Jordan Ahmad Naim,Prof.Mohammad Abu SalehDownload Research
4Effect of Kaizen Methodology on the Financial Performance of Islamic Banks in Jordan Ateyah Hussein Abu Baqi,Prof.Mohammed AL-KasasbehDownload Research
5The Impact of Management Information Systems on the Enhancement of Transparency in Jordanian Ministry of Youth Mohamad AL-Rawashdeh,Prof.Riyad AL-ShalabiDownload Research
6The Impact of Human Capital on Improving the Quality Banking Services in the Yemeni Commercial Bank Naji Shaif Al Awaj,Dr.Bander AbutayehDownload Research
7The Impact of the Training Process Stages in Career Path in Chemical and Cosmetic Preparations Industries Zeal Mahmoud A'rainat,Dr.Bandar Abu TayehDownload Research
8The Effectiveness of Human Resource Training Strategies on the Performance of Jordanian Private Universities Staff Ali Mohammed Al-Amr,Dr.Al Harith Abu-HussainDownload Research
9The Impact of Talents Management on entrepreneurship strategies In Jordanian Fertilizers and Chemical companies Bakr Al-Nosiry,Dr.Al-Hareth Abu HousainDownload Research