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Educational and Psychological Research Series

NumberResearch TitleResearch
1Locus of Control and its Relationship to Emotional Stability among Students with Learning Disabilities in Amman Dr.Fuad AL-Jawaldeh,Dr.Heyam AL-Taj,Dr.Lina AL-Maharmeh,Dr.Suhair AL-Tal.Download Research
2The Impact of Using two Strategies of Meta Cognitive Thinking on Achievement and Critical thinking of Seventh Grade Female Students Prof. Jawdat A.Saadeh, Heba M.Taqem.Download Research
3Psychological adjustment and its Relationship with self-esteem among the Wives of the Prisoners at Centers for Reform and Rehabilitation in Jordan Dr. Suhaila M.Banat,Muhammad M.NassarDownload Research
4The Role of Public Secondary School Principals in Raising the Moral of their Teachers and its Relation to Job Performance from the Teacher's Point of View Alaa AL-Sulaiman,Prof.atef MagablhDownload Research
5A Propsed Training program for Kindergarten Principals in the Governorate of the Capital Amman in Light of the Administrative Engineering Style Dhilal Mohammed, Prof. Atef MaqablehDownload Research
6Mothers'Evaluation of early Intervention Services of Handicapped Children at Special Education Centers Dr. Ahmed Khazaaleh, Dr. Tayel Hwaidy.Download Research
7Jealousy Behavior and Its Relationship with Family Socialization Patterns among Students at the City of Jerusalem Dana Njadeh,Prof. Mohammed NazihDownload Research
8The Impact of Teaching Physics by Creative Problem solving and Buzz Groups methods on the Achievement and Creative Thinking of Tenth Grade Students in Amman Private Schools Prof. Jawdat Saadeh,Dr.Abdallah Abu shihadehDownload Research
9Psychological Stress and its Relationship with Social Adjustment among Syrian Refugees at the Zaatari Camp in Jordan Ahmed AL-Saqer,Dr.Fuad AL-JawaldehDownload Research