fbpxVision, Mission, and Objectives | Amman Arab University
كلية الشريعة

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Distinction in academia, research, legislation and moderation complied with social and interactive relations.


Providing local, international and regional society with distinguished qualifications in sciences of Islamic Sharia based on moderation and reasonability.


1.    Preparing professional graduates vocationally and legitimately meet the needs of labor market and serve the society.
2.    Encouraging distinguished scientific research in Sharia and Islamic Studies.
3.    Enriching the comprehensive ideology of Islam following a moderate approach apart from immoderation and extremism.
4.    Enriching the concept of conversation and peaceful coexistence in the society based on values of Islam and its ethical principles.
5.    Enhancing the critic and creative thinking based on criteria and rules of Islamic Sharia complied with modern technology.


Objectives of Faculty of Sharia

1.    Improving the quality of education
2.    Connecting faculty alumni with labor market
3.    Promoting the level of scientific research
4.    Shaping student’s personality and enhancing thinking skills. 
5.    Creating partnerships and agreements with local, regional and international institutions.


Fundamental Values of Faculty of Sharia
Within the framework of the University values, the Faculty of Sharia believes in the following: 

1.        National Loyalty.                                               2.        Moderation in Islamic thought.
3.        Pioneering and Excellence                              4.        Transparency and objectivity.
5.        Leadership and working within a team.           6.    Respecting Other People's Opinions.