fbpxVision, Mission, and Objectives | Amman Arab University
كلية الشريعة

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Excellence locally and regionally in Sharia’ sciences and scientific research with a moderate approach.


Preparing professionally and research-qualified potential for labor market requirements that contribute to community service by creating local and international partnerships and applying quality criteria and local and international accreditations.


  1. Preparing graduates who are professionally, religiously, and research qualified to meet the labor market and serve society.
  2. Improving the quality of Sharia education and learning and obtaining international academic accreditations, in order to achieve excellence in Sharia science.
  3. Creating an atmosphere to develop scientific research in Sharia and Islamic studies.
  4. Creating partnerships locally and internationally with institutions of common interest, which may contribute to community service and sustainable development.
  5. Developing academic performance by diversifying educational methods to cope with modern technology and integrating e-learning to achieve the college’s vision.
  6. Looking for various funding sources that increase the college and University’s revenues and stimulate students, and direct resources according to the college’s priorities.


Objectives of Faculty of Sharia


  1. Improving the quality of education
  2. Connecting faculty alumni with labor market
  3. Promoting the level of scientific research
  4. Shaping student’s personality and enhancing thinking skills. 
  5. Creating partnerships and agreements with local, regional and international institutions.


Fundamental Values of Faculty of Sharia
Within the framework of the University values, the Faculty of Sharia believes in the following: 

1.        National Loyalty.                                               2.        Moderation in Islamic thought.
3.        Pioneering and Excellence                              4.        Transparency and objectivity.
5.        Leadership and working within a team.           6.    Respecting Other People's Opinions.