fbpxVision, Mission, and Objectives | Amman Arab University
كلية القانون

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Distinction in teaching law and enhancement of scientific Research 


Enrichment of legal knowledge and practical skills to meet the needs of labor market.


1.    To graduate qualified students excelling private and public sectors in the different legal fields.
2.    To foster confidence of local authorities in the faculty of law.
3.    To motivate faculty members and students to conduct scientific research.
4.    To fulfill the needs of faculty members and students in technological innovations. 

Objectives of the Faculty of Law
1.    Promoting the quality of teaching and learning process.
2.    Enhancing local Community Service.
3.    Enhancing scientific research and graduate studies.

Fundamental Values of Faculty of Law

Within the framework of the University values, the Faculty of Law believes in the following:
1.        National Belonging.                          2.        Leadership and Teamwork.
3.        Quality and Excellence.                   4.        Justice and Integrity.
5.        Creativity and Achievement.            6.        Teaching and Continuous Learning.
7.        Transparency and Accountability     8.        Academic Openness.