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Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Entrepreneurship and distinction in engineering fields, scientific research and community service.


Preparing creative and competitive engineers able to enhance sustainability and entrepreneurship.


1.    Acquiring an advanced position and great reputation in the educational fields, scientific research and community     service.
2.    Providing engineers equipped with knowledge, vocational and basic skills.
3.    Encouraging innovative scientific research.
4.    Serving the community and building social partnerships.
5.    Providing field training to help them cope up with labor market.
6.    Keeping abreast with the technological development relevant to the fields of engineering.
7.    Modifying the academic engineering programs to meet the needs of labor market.

Objectives of Faculty of Engineering

1.    Promoting educational outcomes.
2.    Enhancing scientific research and culture of innovation and excellence.
3.    Building a leading educational environment.
4.    Consolidating the bonds of cooperation with local community institutions.
5.    Enhancing partnerships with research and academic institutions.
6.    Developing engineering programs and study plans to fulfill the standards of international accreditation.

Fundamental Values of Faculty of Engineering

Within the framework of the University values, the Faculty of Engineering believes in the following: 

1.        National Belonging.         2.        Entrepreneurship.
3.        Teamwork.                       4.        Integrity and Transparency.
5.        Justice and Equality.