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Quality Assurance Office

About Office

The Quality Assurance Office oversees the following up p of quality assurance standards and local and international accreditations in the various academic departments and programs at the college. In addition, it completes all the requirements for program accreditation within the national qualifications framework. The office continuously monitors progress work according to university procedures and instructions, with the aim of enhancing the work in the academic departments. The office includes heads of the quality assurance committees in the academic departments, as well as the head of the quality assurance committee at the college level.


Tasks of the QA Office
  1. Working to promote a culture of quality at the college.
  2. Monitoring the application and implementation of quality assurance standards at the college.
  3. Providing supporting documents for the approved quality assurance standards.
  4. Preparing and delivery of periodic reports on the work progress  to the relevant authorities.
  5. Proposing appropriate procedures to satisfy quality assurance requirements.
  6. Collaborating with specialized quality units in coordination with the Quality Assurance Council.
  7. Preparing self-study reports in coordination with relevant bodies.
The Achievements and Certificates
  1. Obtaining the quality assurance certificate in higher education on 1/2/2023.
  2. Applying local and international academic accreditation standards.
  3. Applied for international academic accreditation and readiness of academic majors for accreditation.
  4. Starting of Qualification placement of Jordanian National Qualifications Framework.