fbpxVision, Mission, and Objectives | Amman Arab University
كلية الاداب والعلوم

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Entrepreneurship and distinction in the quality of teaching and learning, scientific research and community service at local and regional levels.


Providing local and regional market with distinguished graduates equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge.


1.    Shaping the personality of students and well preparing them to face life challenges.
2.    Providing community with graduates who are highly qualified and educated.
3.    Maintaining partnership and joint programs with well-reputed institutions.
4.    Encouraging team work and joint academic research work.
5.    Promoting electronic learning.
6.    Modifying continually the scope of programs and majors to meet the job market needs.

Objectives of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

1.    Preparing alumni equipped with distinct scientific skills to cope with the demands of the labor market.
2.    Promoting scientific research.
3.    Enhancing local Community Service.

Fundamental Values of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Within the framework of the University values, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences believes in the following:

1.        Belonging and loyalty.           2.        Quality.
3.        Justice.                                 4.        Creativity.
5.        Competition.                         6.        Transparency.
7.        Respect of others opinion.