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Professor, Ikhlas Altarawneh

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Professor, Ikhlas Altarawneh
Vice President for academic affairs


Dr. Ikhlas Ibrahim Altarawneh is affiliated as Full professor of Human Resources Management at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University. Currently she is working as Vice President for academic affairs at Amman Arab university and dean for scientific research and post graduate studies.She received her PhD and MBA from UK, 2001- 2005. 

Contact  at ikhlas2010@yahoo.com or at dr.ikhlas@ahu.edu.jo.

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 My research interests are in human resources management issues, women at workplaces, HRM effectiveness, training and development, strategic HRM approach, human resource information system, social responsibilities, and organizational behavior.

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· Empowerment and Managerial Skills for Saudi Female Managers: Female School Principals at Khamis Mushayt Governorate, Accepted to be published in 2018 AlHussein Bin Talal's Journal of Research.

· Practicing Responsibility in Transnational Perspective .Journal of Anthropology and Archaeology, December 2017, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 74-88.

· Quality of Tourism Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Case Study of the Province of Aldarrab, Accepted for publication in 2018 Al-Hussein Bin Talal's Journal of Research.

· Human resource planning and its impact on the application of total quality management at Jazan University. Accepted for publication at Al-balqa for Research and Studies, 2019.

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Full Professor in Human Resource Management at Business department, Amman Arab University since 14/9/2020 till now

· Full Professor in Human Resource Management at Business department, AlAhliyya Amman University since 1/9/2018 until 1/9/2019.

· Full Professor in Human Resource Management at Business department, AlHussein Bin Talal University, Jordan, since 21/3/2018 until present.

· Associate professor in Human Resource Management at Business Department, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan (21/3/2011-30/8/2017).

· Associate Professor in HRM at Management Department, Prince Sultan College for Business and Tourism, Al-Faisal University, Abha, Saudi Arabia (17/9/2011-17/9/2013).

· Associate Professor in HRM at management Department, Ibn Rushd College for Management Studies, Al-Faisal University, Abha, Saudi Arabia (17/9/2013- 1/9/2015).

· Assistant Professor, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University (4/9/2005–21/3/2011).

· Visitor Assistant Professor, Mu'tah University (just for one summer semester June -August, 2010).