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Nabil Al-Fayyoumi

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Nabil Al-Fayyoumi

Love challenges / initiative / leader / full of energy

Certified Professional Trainer in Project Management

M.Sc. Engineering Project Management

B.Sc. Civil Engineering

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Engineering Project Management

 Establishing and development of computer software for Repetitive Detailed Cost Estimate to construction projects

1. Engineering Economy

2. Project Management

3. Planning & Scheduling of projects

4. Contracts, Specifications & Quantity Surveying

5. Surveying for Engineers

6. Engineering Mechanics (STATIC)

7. Drafting of Civil Engineering Drawings

8. Computer Skills

9. Mechanical Workshop

10. Surveying Laboratory

11. Geographic Information Systems

12. Economics & Architectural Project Management

Kuwaiti Engineers Association

Iraqi Engineers Association

Jordanian Engineers Association

Jordanian Construction Contractors Association