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Mufleh Al Jarrah

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Mufleh Al Jarrah
Associate Professor

Having a PhD in Management Information System (MIS), MS in MIS and BSC in EE.

I have more than 33years’ experience of which 15 years as a Manager. During this time, I held important posts in technical and administrative areas giving me a breadth of knowledge in different fields.

My last position was a director of logistics and supply department/ for more than 10 years.

Dr. Mufleh is looking for a managerial or academic position that utilizes his vast experience in communications and administrative matters relating to public sector.

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  • KM are business & economics
  • information science & library science
  • computer science
  • organizational research
  • management science
  • engineering
  • psychology
  • Data Collection
  • Data Organizing
  • Information Summarizing and visualization
  • Information Analyzing
  • Content management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Intellectual capital
  • Organizational learning



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Scientific conferences and committees attended or contributed:


- Conference on "Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Small Projects" 7-8 April 2018. Amman Arab University.

- Conference of the adaptation of business organizations in an unstable environment (15-16 / April / 2017) Amman Arab University.

- Conference on Modern Trends in Business (5-6 / April / 2016) Amman Arab University.

- Participation in the training   workshops for faculty members at the university in 2015/2016./2017/2018

  • Mathematics for Management , Project Management, Opera ration Research ,

Production Management, Strategic Management, Management Information        system  , Decision Support System, System Analysis / Amman Arab University

  • Total Quality Management, Crisis Management, Decision Theory, System

Analysis, Management information system, Strategic Management / Graduate / Royal Police Academy

  • Electronic Commerce (EC) Management Information System (MIS) Decision Support System (DSS) Inventory Management, Procurement Management, Strategic Information System (SIS), System Analysis applied operational research, special topics in MIS / Undergraduate, / The World Islamic Sciences and Education University.  
  • Project Management / Post Graduate / The World Islamic Sciences and Education University  
  • Management Information System, Project Management, Procurement

Management, Inventory Management /Undergraduate/ AL-Zaytoonah Private University of Jordan  

  • Management Information System, Crisis Management, Decision Theory Making /      Post Graduate / Mutah University  
  • Management Information System, Project Management. Procurement

Management  Inventory Management Strategic Information System (SIS) System Analysis / Undergraduate / University of Banking and Financial Sciences  

 Academic Experience  

  • Amman Arab University 8/2014 - present   Assistance Professor
  • University of Banking and Financial Sciences 9/2005 - 6/2010 Lecturer
  • University of Banking and Financial Sciences 6/2010 - 9/2011 Adj. Assistant Professor  
  • International Narcotics Law Enforcement Agency 6/2004 - 9/2010 Founding Dean,  Logistics and Supply Chain Management International Center  
  • PSD 9/1985 - 9/2005 Logistics Engineer  
  • Royal Police Academy 9/2005 - 9/2010 Lecturer  
  • Mutah University 9/2010 - Present Adj. Assistant Professor, Graduate Studies  
  • World Islamic Science and Education University 9/2010 – 6/2014 Adj. Assistant Professor  
  • Amman National Private University 6/2013 – 8/2014 Member of the Dean'    Council, College of Business Administration  

2005 to 2013: director of logistics and supply department and

Head of Tender Committee.

       As a Director to the Department, I have overall supervision, responsibility regarding logistic, and supplies to ministry of interior. My role is to control and supervise Four departments, (Inventory and warehouse dept. Tender dept. Catering and healthcare dept. and transportation dept.,) managing more than 1200 employees at different levels and qualification. 

 My task could  be summarized as follow:    

  • Advising the Director General and other leadership on issues related to the whole system of logistics and supply    
  • Initiating and improvising development concepts /strategies and supervising implementation plans.   
  • Guiding and supporting the development and implementation of logistic plans to match with operational requirements and procedures.     
  • Developing mechanism for the institutionalization of best practices and lessons learned.   
  • Coordinating and arranging methodology with other relevant departments concerning their logistics requirements.  
  • Taking part in drawing the ministry of interior supply and logistic strategy and   
  • carrying out the related  studies and statistics
  • Auditing and controlling the financial allotments for the items of the capital and current budget as well as controlling the expenditures and revenues.  
  • Plans and directs activities concerned with development, application, and maintenance of quality standards for industrial processes, materials, and products: Develops and initiates standards and methods for inspection, testing, and evaluation, utilizing knowledge in engineering fields such as chemical, electrical, or mechanical.  
  • Apply quality control engineering in design, incoming material, process control, product/service evaluation, product/service reliability, inventory control, metrology, software, research and development.
  • Direct and coordinate, purchasing, warehousing, distribution, and financial forecasting/controlling to limit costs and improve accuracy. 
  • Examine existing procedures for streamlining activities to meet unit’s distribution needs.  
  • Direct and supervise the movement, storage, and processing of inventory.   
  • Ensuring the optimal utilization of the funds in timely manner    

Comprehensive supervision and support the welfare of my staff.  

  • Attending several meetings for keeping me informed. 

 2002 to 2005: Head of Material Management section.  

Image removed.  My task could be   summarized as follow:   

  • Establish and follow up contracts between the supplies and ministry of interior.  
  • Ensure compliances by both parties with contract obligation.  
  • Analyze contract performance to ensure that tasks and activities are being carried out and met with the terms and conditions of the contract.  
  • Trying to find a solution (by negotiations) if any conflict, problem arising due to poor performance or anything else that that oppose the contractual obligation.  
  • Supervise other parties in the division who review all administrative tasks that impact the financial aspects.  
  • Design and develop forms and instructions for recording, evaluating, and reporting quality and reliability data.  
  • Prepare annual plan for logistic policy and certified the specific requirements budget covering all Ministry of interior needs from logistics, furniture, garments, and etc.  

Studying and estimation of ministry of interior needs for the next year taking into consideration the following: Inventory stock. Assigned contract and not delivered, Strategic stocks. Annual rate for each item.  

  • Estimate the budget upon these studies.  
  • Prepare and analyze the proper tenders for all logistics and ministry of interior needs.  
  • Monitoring and assessment of logistics strategy inventory, re-ordering limit, unused stock management.  
  • Supervision of controlling and auditing story vouchers and records.      
  • Organizing and establishing regulations and instructions for logistics, Material Management and tender's procedures.  
  • Review all condition and terms that should include in procurement contracts based on the type and nature of the contract (supply, services etc….). 
  • Ensure compliances by both parties with contract obligation.  
  • Purchasing all equipment’s and materials such as CCTV, traffic lights   electronics, communication, computer devices,   
  • Establishes program to evaluate precision and accuracy of material management system including purchasing, warehousing. Inventory control, testing, measurement, and other facilities.  
  • Managing a variety of training programmers relating to purchasing policies, contracting, inventory and warehouse management, material management, standardization ISO, and in the field of communication systems, information technology.  These were held both in Jordan and  Arab countries i.e Dubai Municipality , Saudi Arabia and Morocco   
  • Instructing technical personnel on the maintenance of RF Radios used in the security field. 
  • Chief of the administrative & logistic committee for the JIPTC, which is an intensive training program that was conducted in Jordan with cooperation with the International Narcotics Low enforcement (INL).   


1993 - 2002: Research and Development Manager  

Image removed.  My task could be summarized as follow :   

  • Instructing technical personnel on the maintenance of RF Radios used in the security field.  
  • Conducting surveillance studies to locate new sites for installing equipment and the methods to connect them with C31 center. 
  • Studying the potentials of providing communications and Data Services for many Governmental Parties. 

Providing all specifications for all communication and computers systems  

  • Economical Storage Planning for the needed Spare Parts and other materials, Inventory Control. 
  • Organizing training courses for all levels of users and technicians to maintain the operation of existing and new equipment. 
  • Preparing internal reports covering maintenance management, materials management, purchasing policies, as well as a special report on privatization in Jordan and its impact on public sector services.  



1990 – 1993: Head of Logistics section:

     Responsible for all on site aspects of the logistics, supply chain, Inventory management, Procurement, Maintenance Contracting (international and  local),  for all communication, computer, electronic devices.. In charge of making sure that each stage of the distribution process is progressing on time, on budget and to the right quality standards.  


Image removed.  My task could be summarized as follow :   

  • Working with multiple suppliers at the same time.   
  • Conducting disciplinary, capability and grievance investigations and taking appropriate action to address any failings.   
  • Responding to all supplier complaints or queries in an efficient manner.  
  • Conducting crime and loss investigations into missing stock and loads.  
  • Ensuring the efficient running of administration and office procedures.    
  • Securing and alarming premises and monitoring security procedures.     
  • Actively managing subcontractors to ensure that they perform in line with their contractual agreements.  
  • Supervising the completion of all checks and documentation required by law.  
  • Monitoring and tracking the flow of goods into the warehouse.   
  • Controlling the order cycle.  



1985 – 1990: Communications System Engineer:

Image removed.  My task could be summarized as follow :  

  • Engineer in charge of C31 project, the scope of work covers installation of RF radios such as Repeaters, Base Stations, H.F. Radios, Microwave Equipment and related equipment’s, Testing and Operating Repeaters all around Jordan for the Police C31 Project. 
  • Directs workers engaged in measuring and testing product and tabulating data concerning materials, product, or process quality and reliability. 
  • Compiles and writes training material and conducts training sessions on quality control activities.



  • IBIMA  
  • Jordanian Engineering Association