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Mohammad Al-Widyan

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Mohammad Al-Widyan

Prof. Mohamad I. Al-Widyan 
Holds BS in Mechanical Engineering (ME/thermal) in addition to MS and Ph.D. degrees from the USA in Thermal and Energy Engineering. Since 10/2020, Prof. Al-Widyan has been serving as the President of Amman Arab University, Jordan. Prior to that, he served as a professor in ME (JUST) and taught courses and served as a supervisor for several grad students in the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Master’s Program. He also has more than 45 published articles in international journals, several book chapters, in addition to two translated books, one of which won a national award for the best-translated book in energy for 2014. Prof. Al-Widyan has been actively engaged in research grants and projects and in participating in the activities of several TEMPUS/Erasmus+ projects. 
Prof. Al-Widyan assumed various admin positions including Dean of Research, and Director of Academic Development and QA Center at JUST and has been over the last several years heavily involved in academic quality- and accreditation-related activities nationally and regionally. He is currently serving on the Board of Trustees and Advisory Boards in several Jordanian institutions. Dr. Al-Widyan was pivotal to the establishment of the College of Engineering at King Faisal University, Saudi between 209 and 2014. He was recognized in several national and international awards.     

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