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Hamza Khraim

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Hamza Khraim
Associate Professor

Welcome to my CV. I am Associate Professor in Business Administration/Marketing.

 I got my Phd from the university of Science of Malaysia year 2000, I have more than 20 years of teaching experience at local and international universities. If you have any quire please feel free to contact me at my email: hkhraim@aau.edu.jo

Best Regards

Dr. Hamza Khraim

Consumer Behavior | Marketing Management | Marketing Strategy| Organizational Agility



38. Tayseer A., Hiyam, A., Hamza Khraim & Amna, A. (2022).  The Effect of Behavioral Economics on the Purchase Decision Making of Jordanian Islamic banks' services: A Management Perspective” Accepted for publishing in “Academy of Strategic Management” Volume 21 Issue 6. (Scopus, Q2).


Hamza Khraim (2021). Factors affecting Jordanian entrepreneurs’ intentions to use smartphone applications in business. Uncertain Supply Chain Management 9 (4), 1037–1046.  (Scopus, Q1).


Tayseer A. & Hamza Khraim (2021). Investigating the impact of e-services quality management on decision making agility. Uncertain Supply Chain Management 9 (4), 1061–1070.  (Scopus, Q1).


Hamza Khraim & Tayseer A. (2021). The impact of marketing agility on crisis management stages at five and four stars hotels in Jordan. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 19 (4), (Scopus, Q1).

Hamza Khraim & Tayseer Al-Afaishat (2021) The Effect of Green Marketing on Students’ Selection of Private Universities in Jordan. Multicultural Education, Vol. 7 (5) DOI/10.5281/zenodo.4837458.  

 Hamza Salim Khraim (2020). Exploring Factors Affecting Young Jordanian Consumers Attitude towards Energy Drinks Consumption. Malaysian Journal of Consumer and Family Economics (MAJCAFE), 25 (1), pp. 121-137, (Scopus).


Hamza Salim Khraim (2020). An Exploratory Study on Factors Associated with Consumers' Post-Purchase Dissonance of Electric Vehicles. Innovative Marketing, 16 (4), pp. 13-23 .

 Hamza Salim Khraim (2020). The effect of socioeconomic status on Jordanian spouses buying decision making. Journal of Critical Reviews, 7 (19), 9585-9594.  doi:10.31838/jcr.07.19.1065. (Scopus).

 Hamza Khraim (2020) Factors Affecting UAE Consumers’ Attitudes towards using Social Networking Sites in Hotel Selection. Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research, 66 (3), 2020.


 Hamza Khraim  (2018).The influence of price,  consumption and reference groups on consumer attitude to purchase counterfeit sports products in UAE. Irish Business Journal, 11 (1), 5-21, Published by the cork Institute of technology.


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  • Change management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Services Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Tourism marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Management
  • Practical Applications in Advertisement
  • E-Marketing
  • Pricing Policies
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Distribution Channels
  • Retail Marketing
  • Contemporary Issues in marketing
  • New Product Planning &  Development
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Information System
  • Sales Management
  • Graduation Project


Saturday: 2-4

Sunday: 13.00-15.00

Monday: 14.00-16.00

Wednesday: 10.00-12.00

  • Amman Arab University, Jordan               01/10/2019 –  Present
  • Al-Ahliyyah Amman University, Jordan         01/09/2017 –  30/08/2019
  • Skyline University College, Sharjah, UAE      04/09/2016  – 04/08/2017
  • Zarqa University, Jordan                            01/09/2014  – 30/08/2016