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Anwar Al-Assaf

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Anwar Al-Assaf
Dean of Faculty

Holds a PhD in mechanical Engineering in the field of MEMS, a Masters in Embedded Systems Design and a BSc in Electrical/ electronic Engineering. He has 30+ years’ experience in the field of defence industry solutions, as he was KADDB CEO technical deputy. Where he worked on and supervised a diversity of projects related to defence sector, ranged from heavy vehicles to small ones beside that he worked on the design of situational awareness systems and smart systems; he proposed and worked on different projects with local and international universities for the sake of defence solutions.

During his long experience he worked in many locations related to defence industry , before he joint Amman Arab University as the Dean of Aviation Sciences faculty he was the general Manager of Prince Faisal Information and Technology Centre .

He is a member of many local , regional and international committees

He published more than 14 papers in the field of industrial solutions, some of them i.e. Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks: A Prototype (springer) with a fund from SPS /NATO and A wireless sensor network design and implementation for vehicle detection, classification, and tracking (SPIE) with a local fund.


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Heat transfer , robotics , Engine simulation , Embedded systems, Auto-Systems  and Networks



Ammonia-Hydrogen-Air Gas Turbine Cycle and Control Analyses

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OA Anwar H Al Assaf

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PID power controller to a setpoint of fluid level height in reservoir for unattended human monitoring

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Wireless sensor networks for smart cities: network design, implementation and performance evaluation

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Power Conversion Using Analytical Model of Cockcroft–Walton Voltage Multiplier Rectenna

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Analysis and Maximizing RF Harvesting System based on Antenna Shapes for Aviation Applications

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Hybrid wireless sensor networks: A prototype

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Effect of Transverse Steady Magnetic Field on MHD Flow Under Free Convection Conditions in Vertical Microchannels.

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Performance evaluation of DigiMesh and ZigBee wireless mesh networks

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Single loop synthesizer and SDR modulator

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The effect of slip velocity and temperature jump on the hydrodynamic and thermal behaviors of MHD forced convection flows in horizontal microchannels

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Increasing the Saturated Output RF Power for RF Amplifiers Using a Passive

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Sound source direction estimation in horizontal plane using microphone array

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2013 IEEE Jordan Conference on Applied Electrical Engineering and Computing …

A wireless sensor network design and implementation for vehicle detection, classification, and tracking

AAA A. Aljaafreh

Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems and …

Reconfigurable High Performance Integrated Micro Strip Yagi-Uda Antenna for Frequencies Between 75-100GHz.

Moh'd Sami Ashhab, A Assaf, BK Hammad

J. Ubiquitous Syst. Pervasive Networks 3 (1), 29-33


- Fluid dynamics

- Dynamics 

Heat transfer 

physics for aviation 

theory of flight 



technical writing

Specialized English for aviation 



Available in daily basis

Teaching load 9 hours  


 years in industrial and academic 

A member of Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) since 1989
 A member of the council of the Faculty of Engineering / Hashemite University.
 A member in the technical committee of ESCWA
 A member in the Industrial Advisory Committee at Sumayya University
 A member in the industrial Advisory Committee at Yarmouk University
 A member in the higher technical Committee of the Jordan Engineers Association
 A member in the RTO/NATO organization
 ABET industrial committee member in Jordan University
 Hashemite University board member
 Arab Robotic Association
 Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA)
 A member of the council of the Faculty of Engineering / Zaytona University
 A member of the council of the scientific research / Zaytona University