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Ala Ali Abuthawabeh

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Ala Ali Abuthawabeh
Assistant Professor
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Software Visualization

Information Visualization

Selected Conference papers:

A Abuthawabeh, A Baggag, M Aupetit. Augmented Intelligence with Interactive Voronoi Treemap for Scalable Grouping: a Usage Scenario with Wearable Data. Eurovis 2022.

A Abuthawabeh, D Zeckzer. SMNLV: A Small-Multiples Node-Link Visualization Supporting Software Comprehension by Displaying Multiple Relationships in Software Structure. VISSOFT 2015.

A Abuthawabeh, F Beck, D Zeckzer, S Diehl. Finding structures in multi-type code couplings with node-link and matrix visualizations. VISSOFT 2013.

A Abuthawabeh, D Zeckzer. IMMV: An interactive multi-matrix visualization for program comprehension. VISSOFT 2013.



A Abuthawabeh, D Zeckzer. Topological Decomposition of Directed Graphs. Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications 21 (4), 589-630.





Introduction to Software Engineering

Software  Design 

Software construction and documentation  

Computer Skills