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Almothanna Abu Allan

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Almothanna Abu Allan
Assistant Professor
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Management Accounting, Business Strategies, Performance Management System, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting

Abu Allan, A., Abu Kasim, N., Mustapha, M., Abed,S. & Shah, S. (2020). Mediating role of balanced scorecard on the relationship between uncertainty and performance in the manufacturing industry: Evidence from an emerging economy has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Management Practice.


Abu Allan, A., Abu Kasim, N., Mustapha, M.& Shah, S. (2018). An Overview of Jordanian Manufacturing Sector in Light of Current Regional Political Situation. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, VI(5), 373-377


Almatarneh, Z., Jarah, B., Abu-Allan, A., Alslihat, N., Al Zobi, M. (2022). The impact of cash liquidity risk management on the commercial banks performance in the light of the international accounting standards (applied study on the Jordanian commercial banks) has been accepted for publication in the Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal.

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I have three years of teaching experience. I am currently working at Amman Arab University full-time. Previously, I worked at Khawarizmi Technical University College .