Welcome from the Dean

If Amman Arab University has been founded in order to be pioneering in the field of scientific research and the development of human knowledge, and to produce a generation of young people who are qualified and efficient and able to take responsibility in the different areas of law.

 The Faculty of Law is one of the faculties of the university, which is always working to perform the mission of the university in terms of knowledge of the law, through providing the Jordanian society especially and the Arab community in general, legal efficiencies characterized by rationality and wisdom, and at the same time performing to a noble goal to achieve justice in the different legal community on the one hand, on the other hand to convey a humanitarian message to promote peace and human values ​​of justice and positive communication between human societies.

We ,in Jordan and in the Arab world, need legal capable competencies of innovation and access to the spirit of the legal text in order to achieve justice among members of the community and this can be achieved only through a deep understanding of the latest legal theories in various branches of law and at the same time seeing the different legal systems in the world in general, and the Islamic jurisprudence in particular, through scientific research and comparative studies, which help to a deeper understanding of Jordanian law and to identify deficiencies or shortcomings in it and then put the necessary proposals to develop it in order to serve the national interest.

Hence, the graduates of the Faculty of Law, whether of the Master's or doctoral program are recognized for their scientific competence and for holding various legal positions, both in the field of justice or law, teaching or administrative work and as consultants in the public and private sectors.

The Faculty of Law, through its constant work of scientific knowledge development and the spirit of scientific research and creativity among students, it is at the same time eager to instilling in them the values of democracy, and respect for dissent and the recognition of the other, so as to achieve its goal of producing a generation of young people working to strengthen the social structure , and to promote democracy and legal culture of the upper human values of justice, peace and respect for dissent and the recognition of human diversity, to follow the means of peaceful democracy in the political and social reform and at the same time the renunciation of violence and intolerance in all its forms and types.

The Faculty in its continued efforts to achieve its goal of building a qualified and efficient legal generation, it is also working on a review of the study plans both for undergraduate and graduate students, and development in line with the legal developments, both at the local level and at the international level, in order for the graduate to be conversant with the issues of his day and at the same time keen to develop his legal abilities in the future.

The Faculty of Law has two departments:

1-Department of Public Law

2-Department of Private Law

It awards a Master’s degree on the bass of the comprehensive exam path and thesis path as well for each specialization of public law and private law.

We hopes in the future to re-activate the doctoral program in the specialty of public and private law, where the faculty has academic and scientific experience accumulated in this program which stopped in 2010, as hundreds of students have graduated from the faculty of PhDs and are working in the various legal fields efficiently and effectively. The faculty includes a selection of professors from Jordan and the Arab World, which forms vital area of interaction between Arab laws. The faculty professors participate in the local and Arab community through their research legal advice.

Finally, we are working diligently on the development of our faculty to makes it pioneering among other faculties of Law in Jordan and the Arab World.

God bless,,,

Dean of the Faculty of Law

Prof. Ahmed Abu Shanab