Amman Arab University was founded in 1999 as a non-profit private university specialized in graduate studies under the name Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies, and thereby became the first university in Jordan that offers graduate programs leading to Master's Degrees, and Doctoral Degrees. The University is fully accredited by Higher Education Accreditation Commission in Jordan and also a member of Arab Universities Association and a member of International Universities Association.

  The University endeavors always to attain distinction and to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in quality teaching, originality of research work, and community services. The University takes upon itself to provide the job market and stakeholders with well-informed and well-trained graduates who are expected to excel in their professions, and who are able to meet the demands and requirements desired by interested parties. The University also works industriously to nurture entrepreneurship potentials and creative ideas of its students and urge them to invest all energies and potentials in their pursuit and apply what they acquire in their work life after graduation. 

  The University is moreover determined to be one of its kind in promoting scientific, critical and creative thinking; it moves enthusiastically to achieve distinction through theory and practice-based teaching. The study plans are carefully fashioned to meet the demands and challenges of the market. The University aspires to be a modern and comprehensive university renown locally, regionally and internationally for its curriculum and study plans. Further, the University enhances pluralism and civilized thinking and cultural integration, also it disseminates the culture of understanding and tolerance, at the same time it denounces all kinds of violence, fanaticism, and prejudice.  

  Two phases have passed. The first started with the early inception of the University in 1999 as specialized only in graduate studies, and the second began when the University became more comprehensive and launched a number of undergraduate programs in 2009, and in turn its name changed to Amman Arab University.

Since its inception up to the present time, the University has provided the local and Arab community with highly qualified graduates, taught and nurtured at the hand of distinguished faculty members who acquired Graduate Degrees at various universities, local, regional, and international.

The University is located on Jordan Road at Mobis, and the Campus is about 12 Km north of the Capital Amman in an area that overlooks the city of Amman, the governorate of Balqaa, and the governorate of Jerash beside the Baaqa Valley. Our academic programs are offered in state-of-the art facilities that combines both modernity and originality, and our students tread and learn in an environment, which is aesthetically pleasing, academically stimulating, and culturally enriching 

The University harbors seven Faculties:  the Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences, the Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information System, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Pharmacy, in addition to the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies and Deanship of Students Affairs.

Recently, the University has scored a new accomplishment when accredited among the top 100 universities in the Arab World according QS Classification, moving 120 points ahead of last year classification, also rated the seventh  among the Jordanian universities and the third among the private Jordanian universities.