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Welcome to Amman Arab University

Amman Arab University was established to be, with the help of Allah Almighty, a distinctive university such as the prestigious universities in the developed world. The excellence that Amman Arab University is working to achieve is for two goals. First, in order to convey the university message honestly and to perform its functions efficiently and effectively so as to achieve its goals. The second goal, in order to be a model university emulated in the Arab world. The main motive behind the establishment of Amman Arab University was to essentially be an outstanding private university similar to other universities in the developed countries.


  • 39 (Copy).jpgKarameh Battle
  • _MG_9512.JPGthe opening university
  • 555.jpgPrince Turki
  • 40 (Copy).jpgJordan's independence
  • 28.jpgCareer Day
  • _MG_2901.jpgMedical Day
  • 29.jpgSenate President
  • 0082.JPGUniversity graduation