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 Quality Policy

Amman Arab University is seeking excellent and high quality performance and the spirit of innovation in education quality and authenticity of scientific research and community service through a distinctive academic programs and the application of quality systems and the provision of various services for students, faculty and staff of the university with high quality so as to support the educational process and achieve academic excellence.

The University as well as contributes to the enrichment of scientific knowledge to gain access to scientific and applied innovative additions according to distinct levels of quality in the services that meet the needs and requirements of beneficiaries and reach their aspirations through:

• Effective application of the system of quality management ISO 9001: 2008 in the administrative departments.

• Qualification and training of competent staff who are able to do tasks and responsibilities and to ensure the achievement of the University's mission

• Encouraging and supporting faculty members to work on the latest research topics and access to excellence.

• Providing services and development projects to the community.

• Complying with all specifications and Jordanian legislation and legal requirements, regulations and directives at the university.

• Developing a strategic plan for the university and following up the implementation on a regular basis to ensure the quality of services offered by the University and to attract the largest possible number of students and raise the level of graduates to be qualified for the job market.

To achieve quality objectives, the university administration has developed all the systems to provide optimal services to its students and staff and the community through re-engineering and computing all services and speeding up access to the concerned departments, including the admission and registration financial and administrative departments.

The senior management and employees at the university are aware of the importance of continuous development and improvement of quality management system, and therefore the senior management in cooperation with all university staff are working on a periodical review of procedures and regulations applied, which would contribute to the achievement of the university goals.