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Welcome to the Human Resources Department in Amman Arab University where we aim to attract outstanding scientific members of the faculty and administrative bodies to contribute to our record of stability and growth.


Please submit job applications as attached on the website, each according to the specified form, through:

1. Download application form "faculty member or administrative form" from our website.

2. Filling in the form.

3. Sending the form to the following e-mail:


Identification documents for faculty members:

1. Employment Application.

2. CV (paper copy + electronic copy).

3. Academic degrees (Bachelor's / Master's / PhD).

4. Equivalency of doctorate.

5. Academic promotions.

6. Documents on practical experience.

7. Scientific production: acceptance for publication or copy of the cover of the magazine and the first page of research or book.

8. Personal documents (copies):

• ID.

• Family Book

• Copy of the passport for non-Jordanians.

9.  (1) personal photo.

10. Social Security Number (if applicable).

11. Filling in income tax form (attached).


Identification documents to members of the administrative body

1. Employment Application.

2. CV.

3. Scientific Certificates (high school / Bachelor / Master / PhD).

4. Documents on practical experience.

5. Copy of personal documents:

• ID

• Family Book

• Copy of the passport for non-Jordanians

6. (1) personal photo.

7. Social Security Number (if applicable).

8. disease-free certificate.

9. Certificate of no- criminal record.