Amman Arab University Enters the Top 100 Arab Universities According to the Classification of the QS World Universities
Amman Arab University has made a new breakthrough in its entry in the list of the best 100 Arab Universities according to QS University advanced Arab world, as we moved up from  120 ranking from last year and was the seventh ranked locally between Jordanian universities. However, this year Amman Arab University now ranks third at the level of private universities in Jordan. QS adopts nine criteria including academic reputation, reputation for employment for graduates and faculty/student ratio and proportion of international students and the percentage of international faculty and the percentage of PhD faculty and the University website as well as the number of publications and the number of citations. This achievement is a global certificate for the quality output of Amman Arab University with great attention to university teacher and management for continuous improvement and for its embodiment of excellence and entrepreneurship, which is the motto adopted by the University. It is noteworthy that the University got ISO 9001 in Management and is currently obtaining international accreditation in academic programs and works to improve the arrangement of global classifications.



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