The Day of the Arab Students Communities
Amman Arab University held on Tuesday 3/5/2016 an event for students to celebrate the cultural diversity of their Arab countries. University President Dr. Omar Al-Jarrah, stated during the opening of the event that the University celebrates the day of the diversity of these cultures to enrich the campus environment and promote the notion that Jordan is for of all Arabs and accommodates all cultures, while noting that the University has 13 Arab nationalities that make up 36 percent of the students. Dr Omar said that the University is proud to host this celebration. He expressed sorrow over the destruction and wars that have been occurring in our neighboring countries, and he expressed the wish to return as one Arab nation with an eternal message.

Student Abdul-hamid Al-khamisi, spoke on behalf of the students of the Sultanate of Oman, and discussed the celebration and wishing the Jordanian people well. Other speakers were student Muhammad Surur Fabeen spoke on behalf of the Palestinian students, who gathered under the banner of Jordan as brothers and friends and spoke of the determination of moving towards a bright future and best life for themselves and their community as well as their Arabic and Islamic countries.

On behalf of Iraqi students, Sahar Al-Shalabi stated in her speech that they thanked the Jordanian people for their hospitality and she expressed the hope that Iraq would enjoy security and stability to return as a bond as an Arab and Islamic nation. Student Misha’el Al-Obran spoke on behalf of the Kuwaiti students with pride in the distinguished relations between Jordan and Kuwait at all levels while expressing happiness with Kuwaiti students studying at Jordanian universities under such hospitality and generosity.

    At the end of the opening ceremony, University President Dr. Omar Al-Jarrah honored the Director of the Kuwaiti Cultural Office,  Dr. Falah Al-Shammari, the Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of Yemen Abdulkarim Aloravi, and from the Palestinian Embassy actress Abeer El Maraghy.

After the ceremony, there was an exhibition of Arab Communities reflecting the culture and foods of those countries as well as music, dancing and Arabic poetry recitation.​ 

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