The Conclusion of the Conference “Recent Trends of Business “ at Amman Arab University
Amman Arab University hosted the second day of the Conference entitled “Recent Trends in Business”, which was organized by the Faculty of Business. It was concluded that there is a need to review undergraduate and graduate programs in Jordanian universities and to introduce modern management trends as well as to have university programs that are applied and that complement the conceptual aspect.

Participants of the Conference, including academic experts from Jordan and several Arab States, emphasized the process of corporate governance in business organizations in light of global changes and transformations towards marketing that is applied to cope with current challenges. They also emphasized the interest of the Islamic banking business schools for the banking sector and the need to pursue international financial accounting standards and amendments within academic programs.

On the second day of the Conference, the meeting was chaired by Dr. Fuad Sheikh Salem who focused on ' risk management '.  Dr. Ali Al-Wazani, President of the federation of insurance companies of Jordan and CEO of First Insurance Company, said that risk management should be part of the culture of any organization and must be engaged in all phases of decision-making. He noted that risk management does not come only through legislation, but also through an internal role that is adopted by the company or institution in dealing with risks. Al-Wazani said with the increasing size of risks faced by financial institutions and the consequences of ineffective risk management that may have negative impacts on the economics of the financial sector, results in economies that have become at rest with the credit rating agencies.​ 


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