Amman Arab University awarded ISO certificate

Amman Arab University got a total quality management system certification in 2008 -9001ISO after they meet all the standards associated by Lloyds International Foundation for recording quality certificates ISO certificate for administrative units in the Amman Arab University.

University President Professor Omar Aljarrah expressed his thanks to all employees for the success of this project and to the internal audit and control committees and all administrative units and staff managers.

He said that this pioneering achievements for Amman Arab University and is an important step forward to achieve the vision of the university and in order to reach its mission towards achieving quality, whether in the academic or administrative work. He added that the university administration began this project since the beginning of this year under the supervision of Quality Experts Company which has trained administrative leaders on the specification of quality management and application. The project included the formation of various committees of experts at the university in this area.

According to Aljarrah,the university is seeking to implement quality in all its divisions and subsidiaries, followed by several stages during the coming period to complete to obtain ISO certification in all administrative and academic sectors of the university in Amman Arab University, which has always sought to excellence and creativity in the quality of education and scientific research and community service so that excellence and innovation become a permanent state and firmly rooted in the culture of the university.

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