The library is the beating heart of the University as it contains vessels of knowledge and different sources of information to serve the two processes at the university; teaching and researching .As well as to provide information for all needs according to the systems and instructions of the University.

Amman Arab University library was established in 1999 along with the establishment of the University. Since then the library has witnessed a rapid growth in its collections and a remarkable development in its services.


To be a leading source of higher education, scientific research, students’ services at local and regional levels.


The library is working to be one of the best libraries in Jordan through its staff, sources and means of technology.


Work is based on the values and ethics of excellence, creativity, respect to learning and participatory work, honesty and freedom of opinion. 

Library Goals

The mission of the Library is to provide information resources that support the academic curriculum and research needs.


Objectives of the Library

The library aims to:

1. Provide needed information to support the courses offered at the university and to meet the purposes of scientific research for faculty members.

2. Train users on search and retrieval systems.

3. Provide library services that make it easier for students to access information easily and conveniently.

4. Keep up with scientific and practical developments in the field of library and information science through participation in databases of electronic information and the provision of the latest equipment and training of staff and in turn to do their part in the training of students and answering their questions.​