Dean's Word

​​The educational and psychological sciences faculty in Amman Arab University established to accomplish the University’s message and duty honestly to achieve its go​​als in the educational field at the highest superior and distinct levels within the limits of rationality, ethics and responsibility principles.
This faculty seeks to enable its graduate students to be an academic and educational specialists​

 with integrated personality; rationally, emotionally, skillfully and a creative thinkers who are able to contribute in establishing and preparing distinct human energies efficient in developing and changing the society continuously within the limits of maintaining the identity and originality of the community. 

Jordan's and other Arab countries urgent need for having qualified skillful educational leaderships who represent deep understanding of this age's data and changes;  especially in the field of science and technology was one of the most important motivations to establish this faculty. In addition to the need for a renewable educational thought, based on the nation's constants and global experience. It is hoped that the conducted researches at this faculty, largely, would develop this thought.

Finally, the reason for establishing this faculty emerges from the Arab societies need to have institutions that offer scientific and thoughtful consultants in relation with the education issues; since it is considered as a thoughtful leadership that guides and encounters the education problems in these societies to achieve the third goal to serve community.

Welcome our dears in the education and knowledge harbor, your second family; the educational and psychological sciences faculty. It is edifice that was enlightened under Amman Arab University shade at the beginning of its first blessed starting in 1999-2000. This faculty carried out the university's vision to be a special establishment; locally, regionally and globally in the field of educational and psychological sciences. 

Its message is based on preparing educational leaders who are able to rise with the educational knowledge, scientific research and community service. Then linking the theory with the practice to reach the total comprehensive quality in education and learning by choosing the elite in education and the knowledge leaders to be academic staff members serving the generations, nation and humanity.  

The educational and psychological sciences faculty accomplished its goal, seriously, through preparing the scientifically trained staff of academics, Directors, supervisors and researchers in the educational fields through group of educational programs, supervising and executing it.

The faculty is always working to reconsider all the graduate studies plans and developing them in a way that ensures their continuity with the scientific and technological developments and updating their components to meet the Jordanian, Arab and regional society’s needs. 

The educational and psychological sciences faculty includes three departments:

  • Curriculum and instruction department.
  • Educational Administration and Foundations department.
  • Psychology and Counseling and special education department- learning Disabilities.

The faculty grants the master degree in both the thesis and the comprehensive examination fields in educational and psychological counseling, educational psychology science- growth and learning, educational psychology science- measurement and evaluation and special education. 

  • It grants the master degree in both the thesis and comprehensive examination fields in educational management and foundations. 

  • It grants the master degree in both the theses and comprehensive tracks in curriculum and instruction.

The academic staff members in the faculty, in addition to the courses they teach in their different specialty fields, contribute in teaching the elective and compulsory university requirements and other courses in other faculties. They also actively participate in local, Arab and international conferences and hold seminars, galleries and counseling lectures inside and outside the university. For these activities and others, the faculty was able to establish a wide range of relations with its peers from other educational faculties, boards and educational institutions at the national, Arab and international levels.

Our faculty deals with its students wisely, respectively and fair to be the future leaders who have the highest criticism and creative thinking skills having the spirit of belonging to the nation. Those students will coexist in the faculty in an educational, scientific, and successful teaching environment in terms of infrastructure, air-conditioned lecture halls, the paper and electronic library and the cooperative and consistent atmospheres. 

Welcome to the educational and psychological sciences faculty, the maker of the future leaders.

 Dean of educational and psychological sciences faculty

Prof. Dr. Adnan Jadiri                         ​​​​​